Weekend reads

Good stuff to keep you occupied over the next couple of days:
Systemic issues in science journalism – the reinforcing cycle of niche reporting
Investigative science journalism
The Bias of Veteran Journalists
Dangerous DNA: The truth about the ‘warrior gene’
The Language of Science – it’s ‘just a theory’
Should journalists report on unpublished research?
Joe McLaughlin will be an excellent journalist
Scientists Embrace Openness with a good vibrant discussion of both Open Science and Open Journalism on FriendFeed.
Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage
Why Do We Dream?
NSF governing board spikes evolution from science literacy report and A Response to Science on the Decision to Not Include Evolution in the NSB Science Indicators Report and There’s More to Science Than Evolution.
GPS backpacks identify leaders among flocking pigeons


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  1. Wonderful selection of articles. I enjoy your tweets immensely.