Hashtag Art

I first saw Hashtag Art (on Twitter) at #140conf last week. These guys start with a picture, as a canvass. Then, as people tweet using a particular hashtag, their avatars become pieces of the mosaic, gradually building the image as event is happening. It took about two days, the duration of the meeting, to fill the entire image up.
The image, as it was slowly developing, was occasionally projected on the screen behind the speakers. The Hashtag Art guys were also set up in the side room (where coffee and power-strips were), projecting the image onto a screen.
When I approached them and they realized who I was they got very excited, to my astonishment, to meet me…..”Oh, you are @BoraZ!”. What?
Well, each person’s avatar is supposed to appear in the mosaic only once. But my avatar,, apparently, appeared something like 162 times. It was a glitch of some sort, and they had no idea how and why that happened. They asked me – but what do I know, I am so non-tech-savvy, I was more surprised than they were. But we agreed that if and when they discover what the bug was, they would tell me but would not remove the 161 extra avatars as that would leave an ugly black hole in the image. Good for me – by using the magnifying tool and placing the cursor over my avatar you can see a tweet of mine. If you then click on my avatar, you will go to my Twitter profile. Nice!
See for yourself!
I want this done at ScienceOnline2011 in January…..

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