Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock (video)

Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock:

Though it ignores biology – the sleep cycles (which some alarm clocks now measure and use) – this is nifty nonetheless.

2 responses to “Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock (video)

  1. I love the fact that they have a beautifully joined wood cabinet for their prototype. I want one just like that…

  2. ooh, great. To begin with I’d be happy if I could tell my google calender the time at which I want to receive my daily agenda (which is forever reason at exactly 4:41 am every day). And it would also be great if it wouldn’t say “Berlin” next to every scheduled event. It’s supposed to be the timezone, but every second morning or so I look at my calender and think “why Berlin? what’s in Berlin? was I supposed to be in Berlin today?”
    I can just picture myself being woken up at 2am because Google thinks I have to drive from Berlin to Stockholm. Or, actually, Stockholm is in NJ, no?