Brain-Computer Interface (video)

From Science in Seconds :

2 responses to “Brain-Computer Interface (video)

  1. 1. That’s a chimp, not a monkey. The macaque shown in the initial experiment is a monkey, but really, using a chimp to illustrate this?
    2. It is not the “mind” that is moving these prosthetics, it’s their brains. Mind is what brains do.
    3. This goes to show that you can’t express science in the media.

  2. @John: Your first two points are technically true, but certainly don’t result in point #3. Did either of those choices lessen your understanding of the topic? While I agree that it’s always important to maintain scientific accuracy, I highly doubt the average viewer would be disrupted in gaining an appreciation for the BCI by items as minor as the ones you listed.
    And to say that you can’t express science in the media seems to me like a bit of a cop out. If you don’t like the way science is portrayed, why not try to remedy the problem yourself instead of just complaining about it?