Welcome the newest SciBlings! And more.

Now this is big: ScienceBlogs Welcomes the World’s Top Scientific Institutions to Our Network:

We here at ScienceBlogs are pleased to announce that beginning today, we will be helping to spark the next generation of research communications by introducing new blogs to our network from the world’s top scientific institutions. The initial list includes: CERN, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), SETI Institute, Weizmann Institute of Science, and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The first two of those are already live – check out the Weizmann Wave and Brookhaven Bits & Bytes. Go and say Hello. The others will go live soon. And if your institution is interested in doing something like this, contact the Overlords over on Page 3.14.
Also, the ScienceBlogs Book Club is back! The first book discussed right now is ‘Inside the Outbreaks: The Elite Medical Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service’ by Mark Pendergrast, who is himself participating in the book club. Later, who knows, perhaps some books from this list?

One response to “Welcome the newest SciBlings! And more.

  1. Hopefully the new bloggers will actually blog about science and not everything but. I’ve seriously cut my reading of this blog group because of that (take a look at the last 24 hours list as of 7:30 today, 6/23, for example to see how much non-science is being blogged here). I don’t care if the bloggers blog their thoughts about everything and nothing along with the science – that’s up to them, but when the eprception is that the majority of blogging effectively shuns science in preference to other topics, one has to wonder why why this blog gorup is called “scienceblogs” to begin with.