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P ≠ NP and the future of peer review

A Conversation about Aggregators and Professionalism

More mainstream media evidence that presentation skills need to enter the 21st Century – looking at generational divides and why default Powerpoint won’t cut it.

Sleep Deprivation Affects Moral Fiber

Inception and the Neuroscience of Sleep

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How News Consumption is Shifting to the Personalized Social News Stream

The Virology of Christ and Biblical fever = influenza. You’re kidding me, right? and Biblical flu paper going bye-bye

Internet, schminternet

Tesla who? Gen Y and a Great Mind of the Past

A bootstrap of 1000 miles begins with a single step

Borgs or blogs? You decide!

Some Snails Prefer Doing It Anti-Chiral

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The Turkey Connection

Canadian biotech will grow flu vaccine in RTP

A brief history of science, part 3

Know the history of your field, be it science or pottery

It’s the End of the Book As We Know It — and I Feel Fine

Ant synonyms and linguistics envy

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Once again: It’s REPUBLICANS who caused America’s exploding debt

The Worst Ethics Scandal on Capitol Hill?

Paving the ancient desert

Another Word for Walking

A Chicago cop gets a new beat

NDM-1: Novel, global, complex and a serious threat

‘All we need now are hagfish.’= New Yorker cartoon insta-caption

Shrimp On Prozac Are None Too Cheerful

Wescott’s Wednesday Wrap Up

Neurodynamics and Everyday Biology join Scientopia, while Arthropoda and Cephalove join The Gam.

The Hauser collection:

Monkey business? 2002 Cognition paper retracted as prominent psychologist Marc Hauser takes leave from Harvard
Reading the Coverage of a Retraction: Failure to replicate is not evidence of fraud
Harvard morality researcher investigated for scientific misconduct
Hauser Of Cards
Marc Hauser, monkey business, and the sine waves of science
Marc Hauser misconduct findings
The Politics of Ideas : Hauser Gone Wild
Why science is self-correcting
What kind of problem is it when data do not support findings?