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Catching up with the weekend news and blogs:

BEHOLDE! Giant’s Shoulders Edition 26: Fools, Frauds, and FAILURES.

A new take on necking (in giraffes, that is)

Did Dogs Gain Their Social Intelligence By Accident?

Blind Item: Developmental Learning Disorders and A Horribly Forgetful Girl: On Optimal Search in the A-not-B task and Developmental Origins of Numerical Cognition.

A place to learn about ecology and evolution

Living fossils don’t exist…

Serotonin in the octopus learning system.

K2 Spice associated with death of young Indiana mother of two

SfN the meh (Excellent advice by @drugmonkeyblog to SfN and any other conference organizers)

Lab Spaces Roundup

Pepsi spill causes sticky mess in science blogging ecosystem

Is PepsiCo Breaking its Promise?

My Favorite August

In This Play, One Role Is Enough – “Meet Brad Miller (D-NC): understands how big banks put consumers at peril”

Banned from Facebook for interacting with fans? and What Happened With Our Porn, Ourselves and Facebook

Gulf spill impacts on coastal marsh

Raising money for algae

How Buzz Aldrin (Unintentionally) Paved the Way for Sex in Space

Malebo, and Fishes, at Last

Science Week Begins With Melbourne Museum Stealing My Heart

Book Review: Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky

Randomly growing an embryo. It can work.

Coyotes Are a Bird’s Best Friend

A Frog in Trouble, A Scientist in Her Element

Wolf Spider Leg Regeneration Impairs Foraging

What is physiology?, Physiology organized by major body systems and Top down physiology

The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush

Used plastic + hemp = lumber

Was Thinking Tonight About the Greatness of Carl Sagan

The type of parents who claim that vaccines cause autism are now persuaded that wifi is harmful to kids: Barrie parents demand schools turn off Wi-Fi

Eukaryotes: more than just animals

Directions for going in a circle

Help for police to ID human bones

Evolution of Colour Terms: Part 1

Getting hot under the sheets

Don’t Get Strung Along by the ‘Ropen’ Myth


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