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…eh, another busy day:

Meta-encounters and non-overlapping magisteria (or, why Virginia Heffernan wrote what she wrote about ScienceBlogs)

Warming caves: A stop-gap prevention to thwart white-nose syndrome?

Susan Golden – Clocks for Life

Float like a butterfly, sting like a terror bird and Giant Terror Birds Used Stabbing Beaks to Kill Prey and Terror Bird: Author Spotlight on Dr. Lawrence M. Witmer.

Are Ethics Case Studies Really That Idiotic?

Data release, ethics, and professional survival.

The Land of Giants

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media: eight new full-time positions on our Jobs at Mayo Clinic site

Modern ecological research: what, where, how?

Reference List Length and Citations: A Spurious Relationship

Conversations really DO take two.

Developmental Dyscalculia Explained: Strategy, Memory, Attention

Orchestra forming for Duke University Health System employees

Lunch-and-Learn with us next week in Boston at the American Chemical Society meeting

Claws, Jaws and Spikes: The Science of the Dinosaur Arsenal

Who, or what, is causing this carnage to our seals? Scores are washed up dead with horrific ‘corkscrew’ injuries

Creating Science Brand Loyalists

Props to You, Dr. Narins

Tar Heel poets write about cooking

Framing Science Moves to Big Think, Relaunches as the Age of Engagement Examining Communication, Culture, and Public Affairs and Big Think: Framing it now as ‘the Age of Engagement,’ Nisbet moves and Welcome to the Age of Engagement

The kids are alright: How news organizations can tap the vast potential of younger consumers

This Just In: Web Still Alive


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