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Off the grid yesterday, but managed to collect a few good links:

Rebooting the News #60

Who’s the Oldest Science Blogger? and The oldest science blog of all?

City dwellers can see science all around town

Eyes Wide Shut : The Anonymous Workings of Peer Review

On negative and positive data fakery

Scholars Test Web Alternative to Peer Review

Open to Change: How Open Access Can Work

Dear researcher, which side of history will you be on?

Trending Topics are so Science 3.0

Why Crowdsourcing Works: An experiment in protein folding shows that non-scientists came out ahead.

Viewing scientific articles on the iPad: the PLoS Reader

Engaged research

What ‘Fact-Checking’ Means Online by Virginia Heffernan (yes, that one)

Rectifying Asymmetries — Experts Are Battered From All Sides, But Are We Any Smarter?

Worst graph ever

The easy way to do science: Rube Goldberg (best graph ever)

Migratory species get wanderlust mostly from social cues

Are mutualists monogamists, while antagonists play the field?

Free Parking Is Killing Us

Arrgh! More megafauna…

No Laughing Matter: Laughter Can Play Key Role In Group Dynamics

Weaving a weapon against malaria

Your Circadian Rhythm Is Recorded in Your Hair… or Your Beard

Sleep, New neurons, and Cognition

Part 1 of Welcome to MY Brain! Introduction and general features and Part 2 of Welcome to MY Brain! Of mater and brain holes and Back to Basics 2: Neuroanatomy, part 3!!

Meet the New Dogfish, Same as the Old Dogfish

Grand Rounds, Volume 6 Number 48: The ‘Funny’ Edition

Blogrolling: Doctor Grumpy in the House

XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome: Scientific Blue Balls and PNAS lifts embargo on virus-chronic fatigue syndrome study after break, but the real story is the study’s delayed publication.

What scientific journals and societies can learn from Steve Buttry’s handling of the TBD launch

How to make a famous SF/Fantasy writer happy


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