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Lots of good reading today:

One of the pioneers of circadian rhythm research, Rütger Wever, died recently. See this 2005 appreciation article (pdf) for more about him.

Should bloggers have control over ads that appear next to their content?

Mechanics of virtual blogging networks

Online commentary on papers allows scooped authors to argue their priority?

Fictional Science 101: Important scientific ideas that inform science fiction

One-night stands make birds uncooperative

Why gonorrhoea is like a general sabotaging his own siege

Nate Silver has moved his blog Five Thirty Eight to the new NYTimes site.

Mosquito Shows Effects Of Rapidly Changing Climate

Peepee Power

Is Peer Review Really This Problematic?

Earth-stopping stuff

How reporters mangle science on Gulf oil

Professions and their Journalistic Values

Fish Out Of Water, On Ketamine

Rats Pee During Their Active Period. A Surprise? Not Really.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: I am Opposed

In the zone

Retrofitted videos

Protist doodles

To Hear A Mockingbird: The Plight of the Iguana

Illusions of bodily awareness adapted for the pub

That Birdsong Is So Five Minutes Ago

Communication from the condemned: Janelle Ward studies the last statements from those on death row

Pleased to tweet you


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