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I am back, after a 10-hr drive from NJ to NC, and preparing Grand Round for tomorrow morning. In the meantime, read these:

Seven questions for Jay Rosen

This year’s advice for journalism students and The Dream Job: “Blogs make it so you don’t have to work for the Washington Post to make history.”

I admit it. I was wrong. Now I’m a Twitter convert.

What do science bloggers blog about and Do you blog about science? What do you write about? Vote here

Scientists Square Off on Evolutionary Value of Helping Relatives

Punishment, redemption, and celebrity status: still more on the Hauser case.

Circadian rhythms: Their role and dysfunction in affective disorder

The strange case of Andy Revkin and What’s the difference between climate science and climate journalism?

A journalism professor asks, and answers: How many tea partiers on the mall on Saturday? Try ~80,000. Why’d we read 300,000-plus!!?

UNCC prof is moved by earth sciences

The basics of chemotherapy

N.C. scientists helping soldiers

Fascism and the New Right


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