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Linky goodness for today:

Jay Rosen: The Journalists Formerly Known as the Media: My Advice to the Next Generation

The Science Writing Renaissance

Don’t save your links for the end — it’s more distracting! and Links: Not Just the Currency of the Web, but the Soul and Culture, Anarchy and the Conceptual Value of Links

Carnival of the Blue XL and The Boneyard 2.1 and Grand Rounds, Vol.6, No. 50: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

ORCID as unique author identifier: what is it good for and should we worry or be happy?

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! Read about our session at Science Online conference

Rebooting the News #62

Reading Genesis

The Irish Genome

Obsolescence in the CS literature

The Decline of Taxonomy

Paleontology and the nucleotide new wave

In Living Color

I wish that I knew what I know now…

How to avoid those *other* kitchen dangers

The Narcotic Farm & Nancy Campbell

Edible Symbiosis

Regulating sex and speech

8 of the Most Extreme Places in the Solar System [Slide Show]

Stop Smoking Treatment: Don’t Stop It Too Soon

NYC sky-scrapers dim lights to help migratory birds

Is Exercise Addictive?

#solo10 Videos Round-up

When heart drugs cloud the brain

Spots plus spots equals maze: how animals create living patterns

Do the Health Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?

What Happened to BP’s $ 500 Million Pledge for Oil Spill Research?

What’s the buzz?: Synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, JWH-018

Can IDW Redeem Jurassic Park?

Write for Oprah? Wrong for Me

Pest control à la nature on coffee farm

Cockroaches: Unlikely source of antibiotics


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