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Not an entirely benign form of expression

The Smartphone Is the Computer — Or It Will Be

The decline of studying: How university students are spending less time hitting the books while earning better grades than ever

Why Peer Review Matters

A virtual counter-revolution: The internet has been a great unifier of people, companies and online networks. Powerful forces are threatening to balkanise it.

Has the Future of the Internet come about?

Paradigm Shifts 1 – THE METRIC SYSTEM

I’m Not Willing to Believe You – A Ph.D. is not just the dissertation.

Threats to science-based medicine: Pharma ghostwriting (revisited)

Mamutfest, Kikinda, 10-11 September – science fest in Serbia

Science, bloggers, activists, and science as ‘the one true global culture’?

Plan to organize the Internet turns out to be a pipe dream

From ScienceWriters: A look at science milestones

Bats movin’ on up with high-rise apartment

The Future Of Reading

Sounding the Revolution

2010 Conference on Communicating Science – speakers

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Google Instant

Where does the myth of a gene for things like intelligence come from?

99 Gallons of Gatorade – A Bar Mitzvah Bike Ride Across America

How does one guard their research ideas?

The Bubble Chamber – a place for thinking about science and society

What Do You Call Facebook For Scientists? Um…Facebook.

Seasonal and Ontogenetic Changes in Movement Patterns of Sixgill Sharks

Wellness and Writing Connections Conference

The Boneyard Blog Carnival: Some Gratitude and a Look Ahead


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