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Busy (but good) day today, more tomorrow, some links to keep you busy till then:

The Power Of The Personal Brand and Blogging for the Media Octopus

The Rich History of Eggplant or Aubergine

Epic technology goes mobile

‘Intersect’ Provides New Way to Share Life Stories Based on Time & Place

NYU Professor Jay Rosen Offers Advice to an Incoming Class of Journalism Students. He Should Offer the Same Advice to Advertising Students.

What makes a scientist famous?

Why a school beats Facebook: how behaviors spread through networks

The biggest danger of chasing a twister… traffic collisions?

Does Computer Science Have a Culture?

‘Quran Burning’: Is It News Or Not? and Setting the Koran on fire, vs. setting personal liberties on fire and Plan to burn Qurans ignites media frenzy.

Dr. Computer Decides Cancer Risk

Zócalo Public Square

Making Science Make Sense with Dr. Mae Jemison

Eating your own brain

Better Posters: RTFP?

Cognition & the Arts – a classroom blog » About

Beyond paddling: children and technology

How the Mind Counteracts Offensive Ideas

How ‘green’ is your salad?

Clickable Tree of Eukaryotes (Katz Lab)

Castanets at 50 paces

Who Dat!

The Open Source Paleontologist: Return to the Blogosphere

Concavenator: an incredible allosauroid with a weird sail (or hump)… and proto-feathers?

The Hospitalist

New History and Philosophy of Science Blogs

Antarctica Made Large

You too can have an ass like Cleopatra

Male bowerbirds create forced perspective illusions that only females see

Louisa Gilder and Robert Oppenheimer

I could carry less

Rethinking Happiness: An Architectural Exploration of Better Communities

Solar Dreams and Reality at the White House

The Taxonomy Fail Index

How electron accelerators really work (comic)

Personality matters in the spread of invasive species

Use me and The Characterization of Twenty Sequenced Human Genomes


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