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Teaching tomorrow, The Monti in the evening, a busy weekend, so read these until Monday:

Documents and Data…

How the Traditional Media Misunderstands Net Neutrality: We Are Producers, Not Consumers

Did a science columnist for Oprah’s magazine get fired for her views on pseudoscience?

On science blogs this week: Paradoxes

Ocean of Pseudoscience: Flipper is a Fraud!

Monoculture of Leafcutter Ant Gardens

New MRI maps assess connectivity to establish ‘brain age’ curve for children and adults

Flying Fish Ace Wind-Tunnel Tests and A Dead Flying Fish in a Wind Tunnel Is Still an Excellent Glider

Freud was right: we are attracted to our relatives

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Susan Swan

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Lots of Speculation

Seeing the big picture

700 People Like Open Laboratory Facebook page

RTP Week Ahead, Sept. 11-17 and Raleigh News & Observer: Community and self-service of the right kind in statewide science festival.

If you want your Flickr pictures to show up at http://scienceblogging.org tag them with #scienceblogging. Use your own judgment, that’s all.

Frank Norman – My Science Online London 2010 impressions and Simon: Science Online London 2010.

No More Bleeding Ledes, Please and Why Are Viewers More Aggravated Than Ever With Our Reporting?

Alien Crayfish Invasion

George Williams has died: Reflections and an interview and George C Williams (1926-2010) Obituary and George C. Williams (1926-2010) and We’ve lost one of the greats: George C. Williams and GEORGE C. WILLIAMS (1926-2010) and G. C. Williams RIP.

How does TV watching increase health risk?

5 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #27!

The Science of Eavesdropping

The price of teaching: Why spreadsheets and university research don’t gel

Bring in the Noise

Civic Duty, Shmivic Duty! (part 1)

White House: Tough year ahead for R&D funding

Origins of Mind 101

Welcome To Soapbox Science!

Friday Weird Science: EveryBODY…Rock your BODY

Testosterone Levels In Carcharhinus leucas: Is It All Bull?

Betaworks and The Times Plan a Social News Service

Blair L.M. Kelley wins the 2010 Letitia Woods Book Award for Right To Ride

Science writing as seen by students

Maternal mortality, human rights, and accountability

Summer recap, and ScienceBlogging is live

Post-publication Review: Is the Dialog of Science Really a Monologue?

Bioblitz 2010


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