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Saw Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters today (live). May blog about it later. In the meantime, read these:

Network effects: The Houston Chronicle’s Eric Berger on newspapers and blog networks

Science writing and readability

The arXiv According to arXiv vs. snarXiv

Yeah, but what does it mean for journalism? A visual rhetoric guide

The Geosciences, Social Media, and Diversity – GSA Today Publication and The Internet as a resource and support network for diverse geoscientists (pdf)

Gatekeepers and The Guardian – say no to blogging collectives

Distilling “History of Science” to 140 characters…

Good journalism will thrive, whatever the format

Hey, Christine O’Donnell – don’t knock masturbation

Medical ghostwriters who build a brand

What’s it like to create a new Facebook account?

Danica McKellar: Are her math books bad for girls?

Ape House – the book bonobos deserve

Factual Claims Associated With Inclusive Fitness Theory

Don’t say you found aliens (unless you actually have)

How scientists think, a book proposal

Tuatara tuesday – its not a dinosaur, OK?

Pressing the Submit Button

Getting Back to the Phantom Skill

Why does anyone bother contributing to Wikipedia?

Prairie Wolf Afoot

Unraveling the mystery of the origin of life

The strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion

Chimaeras of the Deep

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Michael Berenstain

Adorable apusomonads

Online Dating: 10 Psychological Insights

The Horror, The Horror (Movies)

Myths of beautiful text

How important is hybridization?

Inclining the playing field

Return From Paris and Neury Thursday: Hymenopteran Circadian Rhythms

How to learn how to spay a dog, Part 2: Anesthesia

Not Really Herding Cats

Happy Blogiversary, Anthropology in Practice

Sex: A Question of Halacha

Effective Polygyny in Humans: Turns out it is for real

Survey of Science History Bloggers and Survey Results

Facebook Friending My Patients: Good Idea or Unethical?

Borderline Personality Disorder: Misogyny?

Helium: a weighty question

Evolution and Costs of Firefly Lights

Can seabirds overfish a resource? The case of cormorants in Estonia

Jay Rosen moved his blog Press Think from Moveable Type to WordPress – not a routine switch, I think, but a statement. Pay attention.

Achieving Techno-Literacy

Is Our Definition of ‘Happiness’ Extrovert-centric?

Night Light Pollution Affect Songbirds’ Mating Life, Research Suggests

Update of Reference Manager Overview Chart

Bleachgate: More Miracle Mineral Solution Madness and Bleached to Death (Again)

How to teach elementary science – chicken feet first

Proterozoic Sponges Claim Doesn’t Hold Water

A Pet Theory of Civilization

Less Invasive Science is Not Always Better Science

Scientists prune list of world’s plants

How the curveball fools you: Illusion of the Year

Calculus Day!

English 333: Zombies

Can tiny marine plants steer some of the world’s biggest storms?

New mental states for the 21st century

Kaiju Eiga – Anatomy of Japanese B-movie monsters

Dream Job:
Science Consultant for Watchmen

A Collection of the Best Anatomy Resources on the Internet


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