Quick Links

First day at work…not much happening yet, mostly paperwork stuff. So plenty of time to find good links for you:

Battle fatigue: Can pretend warfare cathartically curb real war?

Wait — Jonah Lehrer Wants Reading to be Harder?

Proto-Fairness? Hints of Moral Thinking in Dogs

Is page reading different from screen reading?

Exclusive: Journalism professor Jay Rosen on why climate science reporting is so bad

Non-Linear Presentations with Prezi

The Doctor Death Wish: Why are so many health workers victims of violent attacks?

Misleading food labels—are you eating what you think you are?

Book Review: Inside the Outbreaks

A Conversation with Dr. Robert Koger of Advanced Energy

Flattr vs. Ads: An experiment

Sperm whales: a long and vicious history

Oxytocin and Parenting: Not just for voles anymore!

The Wrong Approach: Harrisburg University Bans Social Networking to “See What Happens”

Another Missed Opportunity for Bookstores — Hardware Lessons from the E-Reader Space

Today I found out … That Lobsters Don’t Mate For Life

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman to Join The Huffington Post

Slightly Scary Tenure Stories

A Tea Party Taxonomy

Sauropods still didn’t hold their necks in osteological neutral pose


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