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Off to Sigma Xi pizza lunch – in the meantime, read these:

The blog-broadcast barrier and the reach-responsibility ratio: How our media system crashes, and what to do about it

Real Americans

My report was too hot to broadcast: Brisbane war correspondent

Forbes, fact-checking, and the media-political revolving door

Protein clock stands the test of time

If only people were so friendly… Penguins

Open science and the economic collapse

Will the world end in 2012? Oh, probably not

N.C. Zoo works without borders

Hawking spins paradox into complex vision

Principals get schooled in the benefit of smart phones

Pain Relief, Placebo and Profit

Disappearing Dinosaurs

American SciCo: How will your daughter experience science in the future?

Moses’ Red Sea Parting Explained by Computer Model and
Dynamics of Wind Setdown at Suez and the Eastern Nile Delta

Webcam shows why birds sing

Bleach: Not a cure for obesity and Bleachgate: UK and Kenyan press raising awareness of Miracle Mineral Solution

Spray-On Tech Could Power Consumer Devices

PTSD Breakthrough?: It’s Not Science Just Because Someone Says So


A brainwave for catching a criminal?

The MDGs should be replaced with something better

Ira Flatow urges scientists to learn to explain what they do

Autumn and Seasonal Affective Disorder and Acute Coronary Syndrome

What Is It Like To Be A Bat? What Is It Like To Be You? and Sizing Up Consciousness by Its Bits

Are Peer-Reviewers Overloaded? Or Are Their Incentives Misaligned?

Tuatara Tuesday – Stephens Island

Attack of the Giant Archaea

The Pelican’s Beak: Success and Evolutionary Stasis

C6-H12-O6: Catching up

Myth busting duo addresses crowd and MythBusters come to UNC!

Physician-Provocateur With TV Dreams

Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Research Triangle

Why is science on the sidelines of education?

Raging against the population genetics machine

In a hamster-wheel world, is there room for journalistic creativity? Evidence from The New York Times

Open Access and the Metrics of Scholarly Impact

The writing life of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Harold Varmus

Rolling uphill?

Dutch Harbor’s bald eagles dive-bombing people

Responsive Traffic Lights Can Clear Congestion

What I want from a citation manager

The Making of a Tyrant: New Research of T. rex

An Inordinate Fondness #8

Group Dynamics of Zebra and Wildebeest in a Woodland Savanna: Effects of Predation Risk and Habitat Density

Impact of Impact Factors…

One for all or all for one?

Evolutionary Patterns in the Dentition of Duplicidentata (Mammalia) and a Novel Trend in the Molarization of Premolars

Steve Jobs was mean to you? Boo hoo

A Blue Spectral Shift of the Hemoglobin Soret Band Correlates with the Age (Time Since Deposition) of Dried Bloodstains

Nature: the response

New anti-obesity drug dismissed by FDA panel

Early Marine Migration Patterns of Wild Coastal Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki clarki), Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), and Their Hybrids

The stealthy sea walnut sucks to succeed

Young journalistic curmudgeons: The Golden Age of Journalism and Wake up newspapers! Tell us a story!

Letter to The Scientist

The blind leading the blind…tandem running in visually impaired ants

Why do we still publish research (via) papers?


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