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This was a long and sleepy day. After three days of sauna-like conditions, the AC is finally fixed so I expect I’ll be able to sleep tonight. While you read these:

Teaching journalists to read

What’s in a name? The NPG family tree

Welcome to Sleeping with the Fishes!

This is How I Link Science Articles

Don’t Worry, I’m (Un)Professional: A Guide to Your Laboratory Colleagues

The First Rule of NeuroGhetto. . .

Sailing by Starlight: the lost art of celestial navigation

Moving science communication into the public sphere–how?

When Hippies Punch Back

Children and Their Pets

A Science News Story About Funding! (And It’s Pretty Good, Too)

The Cretaceous birds and pterosaurs of Cornet: part I, the birds

Fear Mongering and the Morning-After Pill

A new kind of student?

We are not #1, and we are getting worse

Grants of Obligation, Grants of Necessity, Grants of Desire

Retraction Watch: Report what researchers are doing, and what they are undoing

You’ve discovered a whacky wood-eating catfish? So what’s new? and A Catfish that eats WOOD?

Why does the Moon follow me?

The Kavli Prizes

The Asymmetry of Waste in the Age of Abundance — A Reversal of Scarcity’s Balance

The science media make my head hurt

Climate action: the moral dimension

Visualizing the Science Blogosphere (and Open-Sourcing It)

Block by Block: Once you’ve launched, what’s Phase 2 of a community news startup? and Block by Block 2010: Time for the next steps

City Living Promoted Resistance to Infectious Disease

Giving patients a voice could raise number of minorities, women in clinical studies

Correcting Hubble images

Time to rebrand the stegosaur? and Playing the Stegosaur Name Game

Welcome to Women’s Health Writeup Roundup!

Evolutionary Diversification of the Lizard Genus Bassiana (Scincidae) across Southern Australia

Back to School Month: Peak Oil 101

Creative Research Science Experiences for High School Students and Because publishing your paper is only half of the job

How to burn a few extra calories while at work

Pacific Salmon and the Coalescent Effective Population Size

The Hour of Lead

Post-Cranial Skeletons of Hypothyroid Cretins Show a Similar Anatomical Mosaic as Homo floresiensis

Gladwell on Social Media and Activism and Malcolm Gladwell: Twitter, You’re No Martin Luther King

From Preferred to Actual Mate Characteristics: The Case of Human Body Shape

Lost Wolves of Japan

When life gives you camels, make sausage.

Does Internet Use Lead to Addiction, Loneliness, Depression…and Syphilis?

Spanking in the USA: A sad state of affairs and why spanking is never ok.

As I was Saying ~ In My Letter to My Editor…

Who’s Your Daddy?

Whale Rider Put Animal’s, Own Life in Jeopardy

Accretionary Wedge #27 : Important Geological Experiences

Do ALL the Science!!!

Exoskeleton defines a new class of warrior

Rebooting the News #65

Chimps’ fate ignites debate

Scientific accuracy and art

Tapes describe U.S. servicemen killing for sport in Afghanistan

Why do you have all these weird toys?


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