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Happy Friday!

Building a better network: Identifying trends/posts of interest

Overheard: Scientific Prejudice

Scienceblogging: the Gam – a Q&A with Andrew Thaler

Getting Sex Backwards

Engineering Hybrid Silks

Women’s Brains on Steroids

Changes in Waist Circumference and Mortality in Middle-Aged Men and Women

Why We Sold TechCrunch To AOL, And Where We Go From Here

World Habitat Day Oct. 4, 2010

I And The Bird Brings Us Together Again

Landfill and Liquefaction

Predators Are Attracted to the Olfactory Signals of Prey

Patch, the WalMart of News?

If you are a science twitterer and are in NYC in mid-October join us for #NYCscitweetup.

Want to Prevent Gay Teen Suicide? Legalize Marriage Equality

Palatable Meal Anticipation in Mice

How the Penguin Got His Tuxedo and Inkayacu – Peru’s Giant Fossil Penguin and the Stories Its Feathers Tell and Giant extinct penguin skipped tuxedo for more colorful feathers and A fossil penguin gets its colours.

The Passion of the Scientist

Cartilaginous Epiphyses in Extant Archosaurs and Their Implications for Reconstructing Limb Function in Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs Significantly Taller than Previously Thought, MU Researcher Finds

PechaKucha at ideaSPARK: Behind The Scenes

Monkeys in the mirror and the nature of science

PBS beefs up science reporting, hires Miles O’Brien

Human Impacts Flatten Rainforest-Savanna Gradient and Reduce Adaptive Diversity in a Rainforest Bird

Chemicals Identified That Disarm Bacteria – A New Approach to Fighting Infections

How to Measure the Wisdom of a Crowd

You Only Get Answers to the Questions You Ask

Scientists Model Animal Extinctions in the Lab

Competition on the Rocks: Community Growth and Tessellation

Tweeting a Wildfire

The Cove: A Review By a Biologist

Howard Stern’s Endless Psychotherapy

Without a net

Influence of the Time Scale on the Construction of Financial Networks

Pear to Pear Support: End to Start October

Monkeys With Personality

Biomechatronics aims to erase the entire concept of ‘disability’

Stonehenge Drew Prehistoric Tourists

The Changing Face of Anti-Vax

Safe science garb: Lab coats

Friday morning video – Journalism In The Age of Data

My Experimental Virginity (wait, that doesn’t sound good…)

The Choke Chamber: In Which I Miss A Putt and Fork Over a Fiver

Electoral Rubbish

Why can’t I reuse these tables and figures?

Congress passes NASA authorization bill, but I’d rather watch sausages being made

The Fate of the Alamogordo Chimps

Idea Festival speaker: Robots are changing war in profound and disturbing ways

Retrospektiva o Scienceblogs.com

Accretionary Wedge #27: Important Geological Experiences

Introducing “The Scholarly Tycoon” — Gaming for STM Publishers

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