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Maryn McKenna’s reading of “Superbug” at Quail Ridge Books is awesome. If she comes to your town, go to the event!

A #Gov2.0 take on the Question of Science Blogging and Every academic journal should have a blog.

Scienceblogging.org: An outline for version 2.0 of the site

Conversing in a Cyberspace Community: The Growth of HPS Blogging

Four Ways Social Media Is Redefining Activism

What Hibernating Animals Can Teach Humans

Whole Genome Analysis in the Clinic

Just So Stories

Worth A Thousand Words – , Biodiversity on Broadway – Enigmatic Diversity of the Societies of Ants (Formicidae) on the Streets of New York City.

North America’s Rarest Ant, Amblyopone trigonignatha, Found and (OOPS!) Lost

Epigenetics arise! and Arise the vehicle! Arise the cell!

Old tracks show proto-dinosaurs emerged millions of years earlier than previously thought

It’s a kangaroo… It’s a llama… No, it’s Palorchestes!

Have we solved all the questions in chemistry?

Why Do We Love Our Dentists?

What change may come

Zebrafish shed light on what happens when we sleep

Chronic Drinking Can Disrupt Circadian Rhythms

Advising the Dissertation Student Who Won’t Finish

If everyone else is quote-mining Darwin, why shouldn’t I?

Good oppertunity for the sciency people!

2 Million &1AD – The fossilisation machine

A Scotch tape method that did NOT get a Nobel (yet) and its application.

Scienceblogging: LabSpaces – a Q&A with Brian Krueger

To Catch A Cat, You Need To Fry A Chicken

Call for Submissions for Diversity in Science Carnival – Hispanic Heritage Month

Another Mystery Lump of Gunge For You To Identify

Dr. Clancy’s IVF story, now on CNN.com

Monday Series: The Criminalized Body IV

Pythagoras Solar – windows for power plants

Quickly separated – 20 companies in 140 minutes

Dotted lines

Shades of grey in the ethics of animal research

How to regrow a limb

Celebrate diversity: The fish that fertilizes itself

Bush Still Working On Manned Mission To Mars Quietly In Spare Time

Friend or foe? How the immune system copes with the gut microbiotica

New magic illusion….

Revisiting the K-Complex and Appraisal to Scientific Debate

Brand New Cortical Neurons

Parkinsonian Power Failure: Neuron Degeneration May Be Caused by a Cellular Energy System Breakdown

The Online Society: 50 Internet Psychology Studies

Eight Legs? Check. Microscopic? Check. Cuddly? Check.

Modern Coin-Weighing Puzzles

Do Fish Have Fears?

When an imploring librarian is not enough

The other gaming platform war – LibraryThing, Wikipedia and The Zotero Commons

Tuatara tuesday – how cold is too cold for a tuatara?

So what does a science librarian DO?

Frontiers, F1000, PLoS One, Mendeley et al., brace yourselves

The Guatemala syphilis experiment, human subjects research abuses, and CAM and Mark Hyman deceives about “science research deception”

The 9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business

The Story of the Neutrino

Book Review: The Visual Miscellaneum

A little bit of federated Open Notebook Science

Taking cyborg technology to the next level

New e-paper may send e-ink running for its e-mommy

Morphing Science News?

Digital Literacy at What Price?

Launching an aggregator of Polish science blogs

On savvy and groups

To blog about research or not?

R U a Science Billboard

Transgenic corn trickles into Mexico despite fears

Digitizer in Chief: A Q&A with the White House Information Czar on Making the Government Transparent

At Flagging Tribune, Tales of a Bankrupt Culture and Tribune memo tries to kill NYT messenger on sex culture

How not to apply for a job working with sharks and Re: Application for Job in Sahrk Biology

Ashley Judd in the worst place on earth to be a woman

The 36-Hour Dinner Party

Tables, Charts & Figures

Religion and suicide – a patchy global picture

American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half Of Its Food (and what we can do about it)

My, This Beer Has Some Delicious Proteins

How not to fight colds: is it really that clear cut?

What Food Stamp Cuts Mean: The Picture Book Edition

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Dogs

How much salt is in your fast food?

Teach science and critical thinking skills with Public Library of Science (PLoS) Blogs

SciFri on the chopping block?

Rheumatology journal retracts tai chi-arthritis paper over fraud concerns

Solar Roadways

Who’s Suing Whom In The Telecoms Trade?

The Great European Shouting Match

Flu Season

From The Lab: A Future Barely Glimpsed

Parasite of the Day: Petromyzon marinus (lamprey)

Graffiti & Archaeology I: Bahamian Ship Graffiti

Does Memory Integrate over Time?

Swimming with Sharks

Out of your seats: construct a perfect rectangle

Waterproof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Blood Slide Candy

How to form a habit

The allure of the lady (and man) in red

Visualizing Marathon 2010

Fitness for Survival

How to make meerkats even more sociable

PechaKucha Raleigh submissions for Event #5 on Dec. 2 are due October 24

Blog about evolution, come to ScienceOnline2011!

Big Fat Whale – Tabloid Science

Online Communities 2 – Hey, no science blogging archipelago?

Beyond retractions: A technique gets an obituary

Sensitivity to Social Rejection and Inflammatory Responses to Stress

Science Hack Day Coming This November

The Strange Public Disconnect Between IVF And Embryonic Stem Cells

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010: Remembering Mizoroki

The ’68 comeback perceptual

Q&A: Miles O’Brien, Back in Action

Mixing Carolina blue and Duke blue … and Wolfpack red

Can gaming technology help speed up medical research?

Can Moving Away from Traffic Help Protect Your Heart?

PMS: Poor Memory Syndrome

Bugs and plants and mice (oh my) join hundreds of new creatures discovered in New Guinea

Smarter Traffic Solutions–But Will They Work in the City?

The Brain’s Dark Energy

Does Rejecting Papers Amount to More Than Just a Transaction Cost?

Walking with dinosaur ancestors – footprints put dinosaur-like beasts at scene of life’s great comeback

Question Time: Informational Crowdsourcing Takes Off

Time to start thinking about #scio11 already?

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