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Science bloggers, Forbes, and E.B. White

What Variant of Science Communicator are you?

Twisted Tree of Life Award #7: Alroy on “Changing the rules of evolution”

It was the plague and Distinct Clones of Yersinia pestis Caused the Black Death

What The Social Network gets wrong about Harvard—and Facebook and The Social Network Politiku

The day I stopped defending Facebook

Thinking About Time Or Money Impacts How We Spend Our Days

Are Mars and Titan geologically dead?

Q&A-How did Chile’s trapped miners survive?

A Rose is a Rose, Except When it’s Called Something Else

Can you tell what type of whale is under the surface by the spray it produces above the surface?

Carnival of the Blue No. 41

How to Record Phone Calls With Google Voice

The End of the Tunnel

Foreclosure Crisis, Take Two

“Where Are The Jobs?” The GOP Blocked Them

Science Cards – Two Great Women

Siesta – It sounds like Fiesta, but isn’t.

When is webometrics most useful?

When Pseudo-Crocs Walked Tall

A close look at experimentally evolved flies

The ancestor of the hairball

More on genetically modified (Bt) corn: Is it an economic boon to all corn farmers?

What’s in a vaccine?

Ontogeny of Slow Wave Sleep

The evolutionary roots of laughter

Sea Squirts, SLOSS, and Sex

How “truthy” is Twitter?

Read the Internet, Speak English

Sarahsaurus Helps Revise Ideas of Dinosaurian Success

The Physics of Angry Birds

Scientific American blog network now has its official Twitter account and FriendFeed group.

The infectious couple that may be killing off the bees and Viral Mysteries: Colony Collapse Disorder

Number of Synapses Shown to Vary Between Night and Day in Study of Zebrafish

“Shift Work and Cancer: The Evidence and the Challenge” (PDF)

It’s True: Spaghetti Tacos “Expert,” Prof. Robert Thompson, Has Now Been Interviewed By 78 Different NYT Reporters.

Parisian flat containing €2.1 million painting lay untouched for 70 years

Concepts : A Thing or An Act?

Dissecting Your Favorite Brew

Butterflies Cure Themselves with Plants

Safe hatching for eggs that were relocated to avoid oil spill.

Old claims of bad climate science countered by new claims of plagiarism

Power Failures: WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT: A History of Blackouts in America.

TEDxNCSU and TEDX Raleigh (both very white and male).

Pubs and pints help keep UK homes warm

The Missing Link in Wider Adoption of Solar Power? Electricians

Totally Bogus: The Science Talk Quiz

RTP works on its own ‘Plan B’

RTP Week Ahead, October 11-15

When spring comes unsprung

Background: Denver the Wondercat

Friday Weird Science: IgNobels Post 1. The Bacterial Beard

Thoughts Inspired by a Private Publication

Sleep more to lose weight? Read this before

Paint + Sound Waves + High Speed Cameras = Mind-Boggling Beauty

The Velvet Undergrounds of science

Paper published: Reference Management meets Web 2.0

In the crowd

Can you/would you like to help with the development of scienceblogging.org? and An outline for version 2.0 of the site

Sex runs hot and cold – why does temperature control the gender of Jacky dragons?

Hungary’s Toxic Spill Reaches the Danube, but River May Escape Harm

A Sneak Peek at The Science of Kissing

In Praise of Fast Food

A Stroll in the Anthropocene

New E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award

How Can I Recognize and Treat Bed Bug Bites?

This Week in Review: A surprisingly sensible move online, two ugly falls, and questioning hyperlocal news

Malcolm Gladwell Is #Wrong

Fraud in science: What’s in a name?

Reform the media? How 2009.

On science blogs this week: Nobility

Write on! A freelancer’s whinge

Gastrointestinal complaints in shift-working and day-working nurses in Iran

Making Ink: A Movie About an Amazing Craft

AAS plays the “freely available but embargoed” game with its conference abstracts

‘Making it findable’ – the creed of the hyperlocal blogger

BBC new linking guidelines issued – science journals mentioned

Tetrapod Zoology Book One is here at last

It’s the Friday Puzzle…..

Flying and Biting in the London Underground

Mind & Body: The Philosopher’s Body as a Subject

Hey There, Good-Thinkin’

When the Care Isn’t Evidence-Based, and the Provider Doesn’t Listen: Why Patient Empowerment Matters

LONGREACH Lifesaver Bazooka Wins 2010 James Dyson Award

Wildlife Films 101 and Wildlife films: “Disneyfication”

The Growth of History and Philosophy of Science Blogging

Yes, histories of science are worth reading!


Weight Watchers

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite


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