#NYCscitweetup and Quick Links

We had a great time last night at the #NYCscitweetup. A lot of good people showed up, including @brideyrevisited, @robinlloyd99, @NoahWG, @j_timmer, @LouWoodley, @anthinpractice, @genegeek, @virginiahughes, @nparmalee, @apoorva_nyc, @genomicslawyer, @arikia, @culturingsci, @cassierodenberg, @maiasz and @BoraZ. Now that I will be coming to NYC often, perhaps that can be used as an excuse to make these kinds of meetups a regular feature.

And now, to today’s links:

Will birth control solve climate change?

Open access: the world is your consortium

On Quidditch

Honey bees as pawns

The Third Way to Media Success

Invasive shrub increases risk of human disease (via ticks, deer and bacteria)

Is killing yourself adaptive? That depends: An evolutionary theory about suicide

New record size for a genome goes to rare plant

Engineering students consider using the sun to clean contaminated drinking water in Tanzania

Aspartame: Cause of or Solution to Obesity?

When is an octopus a hexapus?

One climate paper, two conflicting headlines

Borage and Comfrey and Bugloss

Colour My World: Red parrot feathers resist bacterial degradation

How did our nitrogen cycle evolve?

What is ‘elegance’ in chemistry?

Sunday Protist – Ciliate-in-a-basket: Dictyocysta

The state of Gulf spill science–my view

The Zen of Open Data

Quality control and contestable funding


Science and Morality

Earliest Traces of a Disabled, Aged Human Found

WWI-Era Ships Enlisted as Climate Guideposts

Is Your Dog Pessimistic?

Backyard Mountain Lions

ScienceOnline2010 – interview with Anne Jefferson

Kindle Singles: A new potential home for in-depth news?

Huffington Post Has Blood on Its Hands

Science 3.0 Blogging Contest

New Species of Dinosaur Discovered

Only YOU can help maintain the #wsb friendfeed!

thx for the SciAm shout-out on Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons,” Moe

NCSU prof gets $1.5M for gene study

North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center Awards

Google’s Free Election Tools

Antigravity Toilet

Survey asks for feedback about ORCID unique researcher identifier

Dream Job: Forensic Ornithologist

Book Review: E=MC²: Simple Physics by Jeff Stewart

It’s Raining (Black) Cats and Dogs

To the Victors Go the Orgasms, Says Study on Post-Election Desire

The deaf have super vision, and other tales of neural plasticity

What I’m Reading: Where Good Ideas Come From

You Know More Than You Know

Republican Climate Denial: Nearly Monolithic, and Internationally Unique

On Climate Change, the Party of No

The kind of experimentalist I like

The Social Carnival of Space 173: #CoS173

Expect More Floods as Global Water Cycle Speeds Up

Social Life Starts in the Womb

…Being Blonde. Natural or otherwise

Kid’s sequential drawings

Can academic pursuits and money not go hand-in-hand?

The unconscious expert

Human Ancestors Hunted by Prehistoric Beasts

Altered sea turtle sex ratios: Can global warming harm warm-water animals?

Preparing for a Water-Limited World

Just How Toxic Is That Hungarian Sludge?

Lassa fever: Coming to an airport near you

Science and Art

The Smell Next Door

Hungry Carnivores Helped Create Kenya’s Primate Fossil Record

Is the Medium Still the Message When the Medium is Pervasive?

Stripes and Scarlets All the Buzz

Interview with Polar Bears International Chief Scientist Steven Amstrup

Bronze Age Civilization Spotted in Old Photographs

Day and Night: Circadian Rhythms in Worms

Ask A Biologist: Bringing Science to the Public

ScienceOnline2011 – Facebook Event page


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