Watch me in about an hour…Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour

I’ll be on Dr.Kirsten Sanford’s science show Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour live on at 7EST/4PST, tune in in less than an hour.

The recording will be available tomorrow on their site and on YouTube.

Update: So, how was it for you? I love doing audio interviews (radio, podcasts), but having my face visible…. let’s say I am not yet as comfortable with it as I should be. So, was it OK?


3 responses to “Watch me in about an hour…Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour

  1. Cool – the archived version can be found here:-

    Just about to watch it 🙂

  2. ACE. Loved he stuff about shared online networks. That is very much where we all are :-))

  3. You did very well. The interview was well done also. I enjoyed listening.
    Good on you!