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Spent the day on the phone, running around, faxing and mailing stuff, first steps on the way to financial recovery, catching up with old debts, relapsed insurances, expired car-tags, etc… this will take months to afford to fix all!

When in doubt, shout – why shaking someone’s beliefs turns them into stronger advocates

Americans’ Climate Change Knowledge: Fossil Fuels Are Fossilized Dinosaurs, Global Warming Is Beneficial And 12 Other Ridiculous Beliefs (PHOTOS)

Hawking versus God: What Did the Physicist Really Say about the Deity?

Red Flag on the Moon

Cockroach King Concerned Over Recent Rise Of Bedbugs

Recommended: The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs

The origin of complex life – it was all about energy

Climate as News, From Front Page to Home Page

III World Congress of Chronobiology

An Interview with Mark Changizi: Culture Harnessing the Brain

There’s a Duke Blog for That (here)

Friday Weird Science: SLIME MOLD TAKES TOKYO

The smart scholar’s publication-venue heuristics; or, how to use open access to advance your career

Asian coral die-off could be worst ever; Is climate change to blame?

Why do people confess to crimes they didn’t commit?

Natural Selection and Macroevolution in your lifetime

TV Review: National Geographic Great Migrations

Teaching science or religion in the classroom? The courts decide, again.

Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners

The Physics of Wet Dogs

The many ways bacteria move

Individualization as Driving Force of Clustering Phenomena in Humans

Cute Peritrich and random update

Kroto suggests an alternative to peer review

Gluttonous amoeba

Print Your Own Body Armor

Gadget that tricks brain into thinking a plain cookie is a chocolate cookie

Remember the Alamosaurus

Pendulum mayhem

Does a Proposed Right to Hunt Damage Conservation Science in Arizona?

How Kiwi know-how can save the world

The Quirks of Expeditionary Civilization

The Worm in the Apple

Climate Change a Trojan Horse for Alien Species Invasion?

What’s In A Placebo? Turns Out We Don’t Really Know

Experimental Error: Electile Dysfunction

On science blogs this week: For the public

Sensory blending

When is yawning contagious?

This Week in Review: Hard news’ online value, a small but successful paywall, and the war on WikiLeaks

Juan Williams: Did He Have a Problem Opinion, or Do We Have a Problem With Opinions?

Protecting Aliens From Us—an E.T. Bill of Rights

The Arctic Shifts to a New Climate Pattern in Which “Normal” Becomes Obsolete

Interviews on Consciousness – David Edelman

Save the krill!

Did market meltdown stoke bankers?

Felling Ancient Trees is Risky Business

No legal limit for bats?

Norms of reaction

Spain Holds First Annual Siesta Championship

Should Video Games Be Used in Therapy?

Ancient Romans Recycled Glass

The Fish-Stache: A Whole New Level of Sexual Selection

Population, Part 2: Why 21st-Century Nations Want People to Have MORE Children

Czarina Palin and Emperor Biden: Of Politics And Parallel Universes

Japanese Teenagers Teach Us Something About Being In Two Places At Once

Water And Silver? The Moon Just Got A Lot More Interesting

Can you Cajal?

New massive release to put Iraq War and WikiLeaks in spotlight

Plane Crashes And Kills 20 After Crocodile Escapes On Board And Everyone Panics

Opinion: Mutations of citations and Opinion: Citation mutation, revisited

It’s Official: More Private Sector Jobs Created In 2010 Than During Entire Bush Years

Hypertension, Diabetes and Overweight: Looming Legacies of the Biafran Famine

Don’t let me be misunderstood

Genetic Evaluation of Hip Score in UK Labrador Retrievers

Social Studies: The Pressure to Procreate.

Societies Drifting Apart? Behavioural, Genetic and Chemical Differentiation between Supercolonies in the Yellow Crazy Ant Anoplolepis gracilipes

Climate Hawks: Not All Birds Flock Together

Weather, Not Climate, Defines Distributions of Vagile Bird Species

New Crop of Elderly Outsmart Their Predecessors

“Fatted Eagle” Joins “Green Hornet” in U.S. Military’s Alternative Fuels Fighter Fleet

The Carnal Carnival #3 – Death and Decay

When a fox dies

Taphonomy of Cave Environments

Sleepy fibroblasts act wide awake

Will Anyone Pay For The Next Generation of Stem Cell Cures?

How To Play A Drug Approval

African Mosquitoes diverging into two species

How to Use ProPublica’s “Dollars for Docs” Database

Who in the world cares about green brands?

The Truth about Chupacabras

Attention Passengers: Please Keep Your Shoes On

The Diversity of Birds and Fishes

Dam Removals Open Way for Cultural and Habitat Restoration

Warmer Arctic Spells Colder Winters

Kenya Fencing Project Stops Lion Attacks on Livestock

Poop Plastic Puts Waste to Work

Open access: not why , but how!


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