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Can’t believe the weekend is over and what a horrendously busy and nerve-wracking week likes ahead….

NPR News Analyst? How Juan Williams Got Fired and What Everyone Is Missing About NPR’s WilliamsGate

Science IS Sexist and Science Is Solitary?

eBooks And The Ease Of Self-Publishing and Have e-books killed tree-books?

Smallpox – or how I learned to love child endangerment

A year of Sunday Spinelessness

How the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Shapes Your Friendships

Nerds Only: About AC Power on an Airplane

Collateral Data: NASA’s Planned Moon Crash Churned Up Water, Lots of Mercury and More

Noise Reduces Ocean Habitat for Whales

Women to begin serving on U.S. submarines

Physician Salesmen and Hey ProPublica, What’s Wrong With Doctors Taking Drug Money?

The Last Word on Fetal T

Jon Stewart Talks Cable News

The Psychology of Sustainability

Influenza Vaccine Mandates

How webcomics tackle woo with humor and logic

The poor man’s macro kit: extension tubes

These are the kinds of Moo cards I want!

i-crop: Pepsi’s Revolutionary Precision Farming System

The Hannibal Lecter of art world, Valerio Carruba peels back flesh of artistic expression to reveal the nitty gritty

Visualizing Hunger

Kenken-friendly numbers

“Out of Warranty” featured in “Blender Art Magazine #29″!

How Are Bees Organized?

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

2010 Science & Entertainment at the 2010 USA Science & Engineering Festival

Always a Bridesmaid: Vera Rubin and the Nobel Prize

Once more on little Caperea

A Ban On Biodiversity?

Work, your other work, and pleasure. Don’t cross the beams!

Planet Berlin

Cabinets of curiosities #1: The jolly old beast

1975 and the Changes to Come (1962)

Uncharted Waters

Parasite of the Day – Trombidium holosericeum (chiggers)

Domesticating the Fennec: Dog Domestication 2.0?


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