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It is pretty amazing how much work I had to do over this weekend! And so much to post here over the next couple of days before I go off traveling to SC and NY and CT….

What if the future of media is no “dominant players” at all?

Bug-O-Lanterns: An Entomological Celebration of Halloween and Ent-o-Lantern – 2007 and Ent-o-Lantern 2008 and Ent-o-Lantern 2009 and Ent-O-Lantern 2010 Part 1 and Ent-O-Lantern 2010 Part 2

Blogging, empowerment, and the “adjacent possible”

Exceptional Lake, Exceptional Species

A minor change in lighting, a major effect


Geological Frightfest: The Monolith Monsters

Breakfast with Evelyn Fox Keller (Science and Gender Part II)

Q&A: UFO Journalist Leslie Kean

Women with anorexia nervosa more likely to have unplanned pregnancies

Rally Includes Lesson in Media Criticism 301 and To rally, perchance to dream

So how big was Jon Stewart’s crowd, and how does it compare to Beck’s? (Photos) and Just How Big Was The Stewart-Colbert Rally? and Jon Stewart Rally Attracts Estimated 215,000

How to Plug in a Brain

What do Sony play stations and Nintendo Wii’s have to do with Computational Biology

When in doubt, preach!

On a Harsh Scottish Isle, Sheep Trade Strong Immunity for Lots of Lambs

Fainting kittens – feline myotonia congenita?

Is Astrology Rubbish? Don’t Get Me Started

Encephalon #81 – Back from the Dead!

The possible impossibility of truth and the importance of incorrectness

Why Do I Like Geology

Smuggling key factor in China’s rare earth actions

Rocket science doesn’t always go the way you plan

Science For Halloween: Dracula Orchids And Goblin Spiders

Tiny Lichen Point to Bigger Pollution Problems in Yosemite

In Tight Race, $cience Paying Off for Congressman-Physicist Foster

Leslie Gets Weatherized–You Can Too!

Corporate pharma ethics and you and Put yourself in the shoes of Big Pharma

Science Grows Giant Insects In The Lab – 1950s Science-Fiction Movie Warnings Ignored

The Disco ‘Tute runs a bait and switch on BioLogos

Cultures ‘R’ Us: Evolution, Self Interest And Wanting What We Have

NASW Web site outage and upgrades

CMJ: Curmudgeons of Music Journalism

Samurai kids suffered severe lead poisoning

Heritability – what you get from your folks

The Lady of the Lake… a scientific ghost story

MythBusters – World’s Largest Sample Size

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Serbian Dreambook: National Imaginary in the Time of Milošević

You Are What You Click

Politicians Are Fighting Mad, at the News Media

The Kymograph

The Art of Medicine

“Rebel access to [natural] resources crucially shapes armed civil conflict”

Weird sex physiology, Halloween edition

It Is Not Evil To Get Paid For Work You Do

I am a camera

It’s Nature’s way

Intersect: Crowd Coverage of Stewart-Colbert Rally

Bees don’t get jet lag

A Citizen Scientist Changes Our Understanding Of Whales

MediaBugs — now available in 50 states!

How some females respond to Nuptial Gifts

Creatures 2010: Halloween Editon


Translating a chemistry cartoon into Chinese

Mad Science! Human-animal hybrids

Maybe there are more atheists in foxholes!

Whales turn oceanographer

Judaism in Biological Perspective by Rick Goldberg

WSJ Feature on “The Other Chemistry”


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