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Wow! What a day! I did not even get to finish ‘Written In Stone’ review! Tomorrow, I guess. Then travel for the rest of the week….

Apple, meet Orange: Why are we approaching biodiversity conservation from such different points of view?

From The Editor’s Desk: Stop Being Such a Journalist

Reboot: An open letter to the FCC about a media policy for the digital age

Grok the Vote

Night Shift’s Possible Link to Cancer

How Climate Change Influences Children

Plants on the Run

How the NEJM became an advertising platform for the pharmaceutical industry and How JAMA managed to avoid becoming an advertising platform for the pharmaceutical companies

Veterinary fact of the day: playing detective with bladder infections

Sleep and Sleep Spindles Enhance Lexicon

What the Airlines Neglect to Tell You: Jet Lag Elicitation of a Proinflammatory Response

The Ciliated Oceanic Conveyor Belt of Doom

Alternative Strategies

The Vampire in the Plague Pit

A Map of State Movies

Friendship: Development, Ecology and Evolution of a Relationship (Review)

Down the hatch: Patients who swallow foreign objects tend to make it a habit

A U.C.L.A. physicist dishes on his work as science consultant for The Big Bang Theory

Blogging. This is about blogging.

The science of Godzilla, 2010

Higher Education: Turning a Painful Reality Into a Thriving Digital Business

Gawker to Drop Old Blog Look

A Disease with no Remedy III – A Treatise on the Consumption of the Lungs

Polio in India: Many steps up… and a long one back

Be careful: It’s weird embargo time season

Unexpected Ways to Die During Sex…

What does it mean to be “anti-vaccine”?

Stop The Presses?

Tiny gadget can help doctors retrieve sponges

Mining blamed for stream damage

Unlocking the future of cities

Astonishing, multitalented little bacteria and Interview with the Lab Rat

Corina Becker: Communication Shutdown for Autism Awareness? No Thanks!

Should California Voters Repeal State Efforts to Curb Greenhouse Gases?

Encephalon, the neuroscience blog carnival, is coming back!

Less than FAIR criticism?

Science blogs are good for you

The NSFW problem

Carnival of Evolution #29

Kidney with “whopper of a tumor” aims for Guinness record book

Real Life Werewolves? Happy Halloween!

Sunday Protist – A sampling of Cercozoa Part I

Web users are drawn to photos of “real people” but ignore stock images of “generic people”

The Pleistocene fauna of the Dreamtime

Something to Sniff at: A New Device That Could Help Severely Paralyzed People

Journeying to Mars — on a One-Way Ticket

Hitler Ate Marmalade at Breakfast

An ID anniversary missed

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk – Rudyard Kipling Was Right! The Elephant Did Get Its Trunk When A Crocodile Gave It One Long Pull.

Do musicians have different brains?

Is climate science disinformation a crime against humanity?

Kids Read Science and Teens Read Science Contest Winners

We, Beasties

How do ballerinas make it look so easy?

Blog Pick of the Month – October 2010

Words of wisdom for prospective graduate students

Buzz word #2: Mentoring

ROFL! – Hitler NIH rejection

Is Reality Digital or Analog? and Is reality digital or analog? Announcing the third Foundational Questions Institute essay contest

Height, Health Care and I.Q.

iPhone Alarm Bug Gave Thousands of Europeans an Excuse to Sleep in

Don’t Watch Cable News

Spooked Baby Dinosaur Ran on Two Legs

How Vagaceratops Moved

Am I partly Jewish? An unexpected turn of events

Newt Migration

Giving Thanks for Vegetables, Not Turkey

California reveals terms of nation’s first economy-wide CO2 cap-and-trade system

Diminished reality

Higher intelligence associated with “thinking like an economist”

Robots getting social

Final Verdict: Internet Enhances our Social Lives

Citizen Sensor – DIY environmental monitoring

The ‘Top 10′ Most Prolific Science Bloggers.

Could a dose of arthritis medication prevent post-surgery memory loss?

The BIG picture: Ecological effectiveness

Field Photos: Eastern Coachwhip Snake

Brian Switek’s Written in Stone

Student engineers re-introduce coffee husk stoves in Tanzania as time runs out on their project

My day with a master pickpocket: Behind the scenes at the making of a neuroscience-and-magic video

Premature Ejaculation, Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and BBC Watchdog

Medicine from the deep

Tales (and Tails) of Death

Enrichment in Captive Cephalopods

Extroverts Feel Sleep Deprivation More After Heavy Socializing

Public Transit Users More Likely to Hit Physical Activity Targets

Your Dot: What’s Really Boring?

Center for Public Integrity’s HTML5 product aims to make long-form journalism readable on any device

The Month Without Blogs

Updates from our second-year master’s students: From the depths of the mind to a squishy Earth

Updates from our second-year master’s students: My summer at CNN

Meet board member Nancy Shute

Evolution: A Game Of Chance?

Copulatory Plugs: Was it As Good for You As It Was For Me?

Climate change challenge for computer gamers

Publication Duty for big Pharma?

Shark Mystery Solved! – How Thresher Sharks Use Their Tails

What should we call it?

Cambrian Carnivore was Just an Old Softy

Precautionary Principle & Biodiversity Thoughts

Diagnostic Criteria for Demonic Possession

Bubonic Plague Originated in China

Playing music with whales

Whale Riding Teen Speaks Out

We want a sciblogger to win the 2010 Blogging Scholarship!


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