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Just came back from The 2010 Conference on Communicating Science in Greenville SC which was awesome. Getting up before dawn tomorrow to get myself first to NYC to SciAm offices, then to ScienceWriters2010 at Yale in New Haven CT. Here are some examles of good science writing for you:

Wrapped in Data and Diplomas, It’s Still Snake Oil

Retinal implant partially restores sight in blind people

Impregnate My Eyeball? Cum Again?

A Decade on the Fly: Building the International Space Station–Module by Module [Slide Show]

Girding for a Republican Gavel at Climate Hearings

Old, Weird Tech: Blood for Black-and-White Films

Future of Drought Series

I and the Bird Hits the Road

Bee-havioral epigenetics

Scary spider story

Carnival of the Blue #42: Chilean Edition

Oral Sex Leads to Sex among Teens

Intelligently-designed conference strives to evolve science writing

“You Can Keep Your Insurance Plan If You Want”

Do Students Really Prefer Print Books to E-Books?

The Language(s) of Time

Who Doesn’t Love Data?

Speaking with the ‘Dean of Invention’

Berry Go Round #33

See what’s new on the ScienceWriters web site

Not Just Rocks… and Urban Sprawl Disrupts Wrentit Gene Flow

10 facts about the International Space Station and life in orbit

Negative feedback

Online commentary: more than just noise?

Three-dimensional holograms move toward real-time “telepresence” capacity

Lies and Statistics

“I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard.” ABC News and Andrew Breitbart.

Annabel Bentley: Information overload…are you waving or drowning?

Funding models change with the times

The Evolving Journalist

The Skeptic’s Skeptic

Bacteria, the anti-cancer soldier

General Excellence, Print, Category Assignments 2011

Science and movies: My new essay in Nature

Ghosts in the Machine — The Industry of Medical Authorship

Girl Power: No Male? No Problem for Female Boa Constrictor

The Trouble with E-Readers, by David Pogue

Precious: Gollum (the fish) risks extinction in New Zealand

Caffeine overdoses: know your dose!

Nature comes clean about retractions and why they’re on the rise

Photograph 51: Rosalind Franklin and the Race for the Double Helix of DNA, Part 1 of 2

Greetings Colleagues!

Post-Partum Dads

Who Wouldn’t Want to Experiment in New Media?

Hold that door, please! Observations on elevator etiquette

NOM, A Late-Stage Cancer in the American Body Politic

Those Dreadful Hammers

Getting a feel for freelancing

W(h)ither the Times?

Amazon.com Editorial Team Unveils Best Books of 2010 List and The Best Books of 2010: The Top Ten (and More) and Library Journal Announces Inaugural Top Ten Best Books List

Climate change isn’t a game. Or is it?

NASA readies space shuttle Discovery for its final planned mission

Fish Oil Studies Show A Mixed Bag Of Effects

The Heat Was On: Atmospheric CO2 Triggered a Global Warming Event 40 Million Years Ago

Glia: The new frontier in brain science


Otherworldly Voices

We’re A Sell-Out!

Blogging the big books

The Science of Makeup

Money for Scientific Research May Be Scarce With a Republican-Led House

Somewhere shy of 100 percent

Are Polar Bears More than ‘Threatened’?

Republican Victory Brings New Message of Change (PDF)

Vaccination, Confirmation Bias, and Knowing Your Audience

City in a snow globe

Coworking is coming to
Durham, North Carolina.

On Books & Flying Buttresses

Hello ScienceWriters!

Henodus, filter-feeding Triassic marine reptile


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