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Well, registration for ScienceOnline2011 filled up in 45 minutes. Now the details need to be all hammered – Program is almost ready and we are adding information to the wiki as it becomes available. Until then, read these:

The View from Nowhere: Questions and Answers

How long does it take you to write a science blog post?

Book Writing – If I knew the rules, I would probably have to break them

Growth factor makes a comeback in cystic fibrosis

Nadine Dorries vs. Science

Where Trust Is Built and How It Can Be Destroyed — A Publisher’s Perspective

Keith Olbermann’s suspended suspension: Why did MSNBC move so fast?

Center for Public Integrity changes up its audience strategy to build a new revenue stream from readers

LIFE in the Laboratory

N.C. ranks 37th in broadband penetration, new survey finds

Journalists as People

How Should You Launch a Ball to Achieve the Greatest Distance?

You Amateur

Is Pluto the biggest dwarf planet after all?

Margaret Mead’s war theory kicks butt of neo-Darwinian and Malthusian models

Great diagrams of science: What are they doing to those animals?

Daily Migrations

Neandertal Brains Retained Infantile Shape

Climate researcher speaks out and Michael Mann compares climate change detractors to McCarthyism

Call off the hounds: Coyote & fox pen operations [Warning: graphic images]

Synthetic biology: Building machines from DNA

Errol Morris: Berkeley School of Journalism Commencement

It’s a Book

Henrietta Lacks’s legacy lives on as Rebecca Skloot wins medical book prize

Online communities – it pays to be involved

Read the Leaked P.R. Plan to Spin Our Dialysis Investigation

Why Are Caffeinated Alcoholic Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Life (and chemistry) is a box of models

Sigma Xi pizza lunch lecture – Science in the current media environment

Jobs: Multimedia content director

What the Lungfish Heard: Clues to the ear’s evolution

What are contemporary warfare’s hidden assaults on public health?

Discussing Sci/Tech Risks Hurts Consensus Efforts

Coming clean – all about Climatide

Was Marc Ambinder actually a blogger?

Body-snatching, not socialising, drove the evolution of bigger-brained insects

All the ways straight people ruined marriage for gays: Your sex and gender morning roundup

Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

Long-awaited blog on climate skepticism

Getting more than enough – Reproductive Skew

Win a travel award for best evolution-themed blog

It’s poll time: Should a retraction during graduate school mean losing your PhD?

The Face-down Publishing Paradigm

Now in 3-D: The shape of krill and fish schools

Eggs, KFC Double Downs, and Heart Disease

Greetings From Recoveryland

Text Message Outreach Improves HIV Patients’ Outcomes

That’s Nice, Now Get Out: Why We Sometimes Punish Generosity

Can endangered Mexican wolves be conditioned to dislike the taste of sheep?

BLOGOUT! All 58 NYT Blogs Go Dark; For Last 12 Hours, Readers Stumbling In Darkness Looking For Krugman, Pogue, Motherlode.

Look who’s coming: A list of those who have registered for ScienceOnline2011.

Winners Named for the 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards and On Winning a 2010 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award

Станцуй свой дисер

Sci/Med Writers: Are We Part Of The Problem?

The Untrodden Path of Forensic Podiatry

Slidecasts from ScienceWriters2010

Quid pro quo? American Cetacean Society tells freelancer he can only have a press pass if it’s a “mutually beneficial relationship”

Conception chances magnified by giant sperm

Rusbridger: Openness, Collaboration Key to New Information Ecosystem

Audiences accepting of reporter bias

The Duomo and the Dinosaur: Not?

Tetris could prevent post-traumatic stress disorder flashbacks (but quiz games make them worse)

Learning Science from the Movies – the Effects of Gender

Facebook Serves As Good Predictor Of Election Results

Bush cricket testicle size clue to promiscuous mating

Lightning kills giraffe, kills five elephants at once, kills flock of 52 geese in 1932

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity (TED talk)

Kids and Catapults: Children hurl insults during Catapult Month at the New York Hall of Science: “No, YOU’RE a projectile!”

Magic touch

The Genes of a Rocker and AVPR1A: Music in your Genes?

Ready or Not, Web 2.0 Is Here!

Times Will Rank E-Book Best Sellers

Greatest Zero-Gravity Sex Scenes of All Time [NSFW]

Stubborn US cities rated in personality test

ScienceWriters2010: Sorting out conflicts of interest and Mayberg’s response: Bass was wrong on the facts

Around the web: altruism and parenting

A “Secret” Subway Stop

The Price of Transparency and Peer Review

The Guardian and The Web

Coastal northwest American marten conservation

Paid student internship in web design and development

Expanding retraction

Siegfried and the Mafia.

Open Lab Update: Twenty Days Left!

Food for Thought: Musings on Sustenance and What Makes Us Human

Change of Shift: Volume 5, No. 10

How the cat that got the cream then drank it

Hitching a Ride on a Trilobite

Mind Over Magic

Trampled Underfoot

Newsweek: Research Triangle is one of 3 ‘New Silicon Valleys’

Are we pursuing innovation at the expense of wisdom?

Making it real: People and Books and Web and Science at ScienceOnline2010 and ScienceOnline interviews

Bookshelf Porn

Sea Lions Surprise Scientists by Adopting Orphaned Pups

The World Conference of Science Journalists 2011

Hack to the future: my long-overdue statement of ethics

James King: Synthetic Biology & Speculative Design

How to use Twitter to network at conferences

Government Health Care May be your Best Bet

Flogging a dead norm? Newspaper coverage of anthropogenic climate change in the United States and United Kingdom from 2003 to 2006 (PDF)

Literacy may have stolen brain power from other functions

Dust Off Your Video Camera for Ars Technica’s New Competition

Exam Anxiety

How to build a crime map of a town: Onward, upward. and By morning light, the cinnamon’s on her cheeks.

Evolution Blogging Contest

Robustness of Circadian Clocks to Daylight Fluctuations: Hints from the Picoeucaryote Ostreococcus tauri

A Deadly Misdiagnosis

Election 2010: Missed chances, dim hopes

Why is the FBI interested in the anti-war movement?

The likelihood of pollen from GE cotton causing harm to the environment is about as likely as a poodle escaping into the wild

I wanna be your dog, Part I

Particle physics ‘pornographer’ gets God excited


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