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Lots of great stuff today:

A Faustian bargain

Olbermann: False promise of ‘objectivity’ proves ‘truth’ superior to ‘fact’

Debate 2.0

Bradshaw: Data and Journalism Form a Powerful Combination

“That heady feeling of being totally integrated”: The elusive promise of community, flattened and “real”

Nine stories the press is underreporting — fraud, fraud and more fraud

Imposing a Metcalfe Tax

The Reboxetine Scandal — How Should We Make Medical Trial Data Available?

Scientific regress: When science goes backward (actually, it is engineering+press regress, not scientific)

So how many retractions are there every year, anyway?

Kids, Stop Dissecting the Dog!

2 Dems claim Arianna Huffington stole website idea

This Is Your Brain on Metaphors

Digital Keys for Unlocking the Humanities’ Riches

Publishers Weekly Reviews The Science of Kissing

Napolitano ‘open’ to fliers’ gripes over screening and More about my TSA encounter at SAN and Motivation of my filming of my TSA encounter and What will I say? and TSA Backlash week and In Defense of Security Theater (Sorta)

Hearing Loss in Stranded Odontocete Dolphins and Whales

The School That Ate New York

Problem-solving bacteria crack sudoku

Don’t Ditch Your Gmail – “With Facebook revealing details of its new messaging service, Tom Weber squares it off against Google in a 10-category smackdown to determine who will control the future of email.”

“Let’s Talk About Waste, Baby”

Google News experiments with metatags for publishers to give “credit where credit is due”

On the Size and Flight Diversity of Giant Pterosaurs, the Use of Birds as Pterosaur Analogues and Comments on Pterosaur Flightlessness

British crayfish now officially endangered, thanks to killer fungus

A Disease with No Remedy IV: hereditary theory of phthisis

Pity the Poor Bean Counters

Gut bacteria recap the evolution of apes

The tech industry is a virus

The future of electricity: Going beyond the light switch

Six must-have WordPress plugins for newsrooms (and several more suggested in the comments)

Rebooting the News #72

Neither me nor thee: the fish in the mirror

Tetris Helps Prevent Unpleasant Memories of Gory Film in Happy People

Research red tape contributes to the suffering and death of millions

A Tadpole Taste Test with Students as “Mock Predators”

You are your brand label

What “I Love Lucy” can teach us about capillary nutrient exchange

Beer IS good for you! [or Antibiotics: good for what ale’s you]

Lunar lost and found

One World Publishing, Brought to You by the Internet

Academic journals vs. public good vs. money

Technology Through the Generations

Cyborg beetles in action

Oh Deer: Protecting This Year’s Christmas Tree Crop

Climate Scientists Strike Back

How to be a denier: lesson #1 (shrivel and die)

Chuck Todd, Jay Rosen, Michelle Malkin Question Ambinder’s Reasons for Leaving Blogging Behind

I am the email generation!

The inaugural first post. And Darwin meets God.

MDG 7c: The Sanitation Goal Is in the Toilet

Tinkerbell and the great propaganda machine

Pop psychology versus the Chandlers

Monkeys and Uncles

Tyrannosaurus Had Extra Junk in the Trunk

Re-Evaluating Ancient Beavers and Ancient Beavers in PLoS ONE: Interview with Josh Samuels

Where are the rock stars of climatology?

Goodbye super-inclusive Iguanodon, hello Mantellisaurus, Owenodon, Dakotadon, Dollodon, Barilium, Kukufeldia, Hypselospinus, Sellacoxa, Proplanicoxa etc. etc.

Get Ready For a Truly Experimental Day at the Intersection: Live Workshop Training

More Life of the Cell Animation

PBS NewsHour announces the launch of “PBS NewsHour Science”

Outreach: Meet the press and
Science communication: Scientist as star

Faunal Friends: Evolution and the Animal Connection

Science Policy

Cure your Aging Synapses with this New Diet and Exercise Regimen!

Parrotfish sleep in a mosquito net made of mucus

World Changing Ideas: Ten thoughts, trends and technologies that have the power to transform our lives

The Rock Stars of Science! and Rock Stars of Science

Thanksgiving Science: Tryptophacts and Tryptophantasies

Amazon’s Best Science Books of 2010

PBS edits Tina Fey’s remarks from Twain event

The delights of denial


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