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Not that many today, but they are good:

What’s the point of social news?:

The job of journalism is to collect accurate information on an ongoing basis and ensure that the audience for each story learns about that story. Any way you can deliver that service is fair game. People depend on each other for the news all the time, so journalists better get in those conversations.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction – lots of discussion on Twitter. Some good comments on the article itself. It is long, some of it is good, some of if is based on very thin research, some of it is left wishy-washy, and some of it is just Luddism based on fear (see also). My take on it is that the educational system/philosophy is lagging behind and needs to get on with the program. Your thoughts?

What started as a j-school project ends as discovery of violation of law by a small-town police: Now now now (scroll down to older posts for context)

Finally a post that is not just a linkfest here: Blogging. What’s new?

Can women (and men and intersex peeps) save the world?

Some Fox Thoughts

The “Lost Women”: science popularizers and communicators of the 19th century and The Royal Society’s lost women scientists

I Wish I Hadn’t Said That

Bird song vs urban noise

Mapping fitness: landscapes, topographic maps, and Seattle

Don’t know enough to know that they don’t know

Don’t forget to submit your entries for Encephalon, the neuroscience blog carnival.

If you are in Triangle area and free on Tuesday at noon, come to this and sey Hello.

Gender Identification of Young Poults

Warm blooded turtles?

Autism Gives You Biblical Superpowers

Is Google the new Hippie?

TSA has met the enemy _ and they are us and TSA Enhanced Pat Downs : The Screeners Point Of View

Cooks Source, Sunderland magazine mired in copyright controversy (stealing online/blog content), ceases publication.

Every single thing you see is future trash. EVERYTHING.

Science the GOP can’t wish away

Epic Failures in Language as Prediction

Herpes has its benefits


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