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Lots of VERY good stuff today:

Can you trust a science blog?

Post stories that just don’t add up – Innumeracy among journalists, proudly carried. “”I think what’s going on is that when journalists see a number, they take it at face value and don’t question it,””

How Will WikiLeaks Transform Mainstream Media?

Republican War on Science in full swing – now Tea Partiers are your NSF grant peer-reviewers!

Crazy idea for revamping the PhD program… and Training Graduate Students

Anthropology, Science, and Public Understanding and What is a generous interpretation of the AAA mission statement change? and Removing science from anthropology: Parallels with medicine

ProPublica and Jay Rosen’s Studio 20 class at NYU team up to build — and share — “a better explainer”

WikiLeaks Breach Highlights Insider Security Threat

WikiLeaks: Amazon stops hosting website publishing leaked US diplomatic documents

Being bad to your customers is bad for business

Experimental ‘Jet Lag’ Inhibits Adult Neurogenesis and Produces Long-Term Cognitive Deficits in Female Hamsters

Excuse me, Sir. There’s a Moss-animal in my Lake

Beyond the light switch: Can clean energy manufacture green jobs?

Tiny tunicate throws structure to the wind

Why, American media? Why so crazy?

The Blood Test Gets a Makeover – Design thinking applied to lab results. What lab reports should look like.

Sponsorshop 101: Promoting Your Conference Sponsor Online

It’s Even More Full Of Stars

Welcome to the Lab Adventure

Animal obesity: canary in the coal mine?

Gratitude: Uniquely Human or Shared with Animals?

Mercury causes homosexuality in male ibises

Recommended Daily Vitamin D Intake Gets a Boost

The Revolution Should Not Be Digitized–Put It on Microfilm Instead

Win a $54,000 Cruise to the North Pole with 400 words

WikiLeaks: guilty parties ‘should face death penalty’ and Tempers rise over WikiLeaks revelations.

Why You Would Put A Radar In Your Shoe

Durham ranks among 5 smartest U.S. metros; Raleigh-Cary 12th

Tracking a rare tortoise? There’s an app for that

Zoologger: The hardest bat in the world

In The Panic Virus, journalist Seth Mnookin tracks the epidemic of fear over vaccines.

Naked Truth – In America, accepting government infringement has a way of becoming the new normal.

Open Lab, Closed. Now the work begins… and 900 of the best.

An Exchange of Views – Chris Surridge explains new Nature Protocol Exchange.

Breaking the Silence Around Premature Quantification

Farewell to a Great Web Effort at Worldchanging

April 11, 1954: The most boring day in the 20th century

WikiLeaks degenerates into gossip vs. In defence of WikiLeaks

Blackwater Aimed to Hunt Pirates


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