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I’ll be offline all day tomorrow. I hope that stuff I scheduled for automatic posting tomorrow turns out OK, both here and on SciAm Guest Blog….

A conspiracy of sentiment and Oh you naughty tweeters – you’ve upset the establishment and Note to The Australian: Twitter is not a newspaper

How Understanding the Human Mind Might Save the World From CO2

Blood of the Mammoth

Fed Documents Breadth of Emergency Measures

The National Science Foundation calls it “peer review” for a reason, Mr. Smith! and Asshat Eric Cantor readies troops for a guerrilla war on science

Submissions to the 2010 blogging contest are in!

Coddle me, please: parallel evolution and fishery management in Atlantic cod

The Science Cheerleaders Are Totally Radical…

Blog Your Way to the North Pole – vote for Danielle Lee and get some science reporting from the Arctic.

Adam, don’t hold your breath – episode that Adam said was scariest for him of the whole Mythbusters series.

How Partisan is Climate Denial?

The best body mass indexes for low mortality rates

Things observed while sitting in on colleagues’ classes.

The common childhood disorders that have been left out in the cold

Missing the point of WikiLeaks

Humanimal Doodles from the Arctic

Trust and Temperature

Gummi Bear Science Round-Up!

A “Perverted” View of Bird Evolution

Antarctic beer fuels pirate-like conservation society?

Festival of the Trees #54

Anxiety and Clichés About the Digital Generation? It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

What has changed in science and what must change. and What has changed in science and what must change – I. Rethink the scientific career.

Open access to scientific research: where are we and where are we going? Facts and figures on the occasion of the 2010 Open Access Week (October 18-24)

Texas “Tea” becomes the Texas “E”?

Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government”

Jay Rosen on Wikileaks: “The watchdog press died; we have this instead.”

Get Better at Math by Disrupting Your Brain

Nothing heretical about teaching students to recognize BS

Book review: The Golden Spruce, by John Vaillant

North Carolina’s medical device industry faces strong headwinds

Hawaii admits possible defeat to invasive species, researches “hybrid ecosystem” instead

Indie spirit – Ever funded your own research? Celebrate indie science!

Inconvenient Truths, The Disappeared Party, and Wikileaks

(Don’t) Keep it Simple: Why a Culture of Journalism Isn’t Working for Science

Three questions answered about WikiLeaks

Harvard Law Students Sue TSA

ScienceOnline2010 – interview with Kelly Rae Chi

Mono Lake bacteria build their DNA using arsenic (and no, this isn’t about aliens) and Science gets it (mostly) wrong again: My take on the NASA astrobiology paper and Lots of Ink for a few extremophiles: We’ve been invaded by aliens, Monolakians, from the Duncecap Galaxy and The Real Scoop on Aliens Oops Arsenic in Old Lakes and Bacteria Use Arsenic As Basic Building Block In A Pinch and Poison Nil: Mono Lake Bacterium Exhibits Exotic Arsenic-Driven Biological Activity and It’s not an arsenic-based life form.

John Paton’s Dec. 2 Presentation at INMA Transformation of News Summit in Cambridge, Mass.

Reagan Started the Lie of Starving the Beast and Now the GOP is Stuck with It

New Podcast – Cure Your Aging Synapses With Diet and Exercise


Obvious troll is obvious

Testing, Testing, Testing…

Lessons learned from WikiLeaks

Lots of Excited Ink: After big dinos exited, some mammals got really big. This just in???

If You’re Gonna Touch My Junk, At Least Grab the Data

Psychics and Airline Security

Why I wish I could drop my university email address: reason #124 (Ugh, I thought that particular folly was over…)

The interface between secondary & tertiary teaching

Need a Hand? Don’t Ask an Abelisaurid

Bumpy humpback flippers inspire new tidal turbine design

The Newsonomics of Google Grouponomics

The crowd reconstructs Moldova’s “Twitter Revolution”

PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month – November 2010

English, Hebrew and the brain’s language-reading process

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hits 40

The US elections and OA

World running out of new places to fish: study

Ocean acidification may threaten food security: U.N.

2010 to be among three warmest years, U.N. says

5 new science books to help you understand evolution, the Higgs Boson, and why Pluto had to die.

(Bleated) Monday Series: A Disease With No Remedy VI


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