ScienceOnline2011 – introducing the participants

As I do every year, I will do a series of posts introducing attendees/participants of ScienceOnline2011. You can find them all on the list, but it may help if you get them in smaller chunks, focusing on a few at a time.

John Hawks is a Professor of Anthropology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He blogs and tweets.

Miriam Goldstein is a Graduate Student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD. She blogs on Deep Sea News and tweets. Miriam did a Q&A for my blog back in 2009.

Carin Bondar is a Freelance Writer, Biologist, Mother, Filmmaker, Science Loving Gal, blogger and Twitterer.

Taylor Dobbs is a Student of Journalism at Northeastern University. He blogs and tweets.

Kiyomi Deards is an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She blogs and tweets.

Eric Michael Johnson is a PhD Student in history of science at the University of British Columbia (after getting a Masters in Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke). He blogs everywhere and is on Twitter.

Arikia Millikan is the Community Manager at Wired Science Blogs and Haiti Rewired (after doing the same at and Psychology Today Blogs). She is also a research assistant for Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight. She blogs and tweets. I interviewed Arikia in 2009.

Martin Fenner is a Clinical Fellow at Hannover Medical School in Germany. He blogs at Gobbledygook and tweets.

Alice Bell is a senior teaching fellow in the Science Communication Group at Imperial College, London as well as a visiting academic at Warwick’s Department of Sociology. And she blogs (occasionally also here and here) and tweets.

Joshua Rosenau is the Projects and Policy Director at the National Center for Science Education. He blogs on Thoughts From Kansas and tweets.


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