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I am collecting all the articles and blogs posts about arsenic and bacteria here. Wikileaks – which is related – gets a lot of links today again, and there is much more below.

I love all the parallels between #wikileaks and #arseniclife, especially in how the power-structure position influences views of critics and supporters… When comparing #wikileaks and #arseniclife it is important to compare the attitudes of the MSM – does it align with the rock (state, government, institutions, traditional hierarchy and power-structure, top-down control) or the hard-place (people formerly known as audience, including people with greater expertise on the topic than journalists, bottom-up control, democratization of information, freedom of information)? I am irked by the media focus on Assange – he is irrelevant, #wikileaks is about something bigger: clash of worldviews regarding freedom of information.

Elizabeth Edwards passes away after cancer battle. A video. Elizabeth Edwards – a new site for and about her and The Gift Elizabeth Edwards Gave Me and Elizabeth Edwards’s legacy and Elizabeth Edwards, go with grace and Elizabeth Edwards fervently urged health care journalists to inform the public. I first met Elizabeth Edwards in 2006 – see ConvergeSouth 2006 & Elizabeth Edwards is all of yours’ neighbor, too & twice this spring, she was a good neighbor and friend. And here is another picture. Elizabeth Edwards’s connection to #scio11 – Sit down and share and Right moves.

How to Think About WikiLeaks and State power and the response to Wikileaks and Hackers Rise for WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks supporters attack Web sites of MasterCard and other opponents and Silencing Wikileaks is silencing the press and Wikileaks FAQ and Wikileaks: Australia FM blames US, not Julian Assange and Wikileaks To Take On Bank Of America and Are we starting a full-out war on the Internet? and Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War and WikiLeaks cables: Shell’s grip on Nigerian state revealed and Amazon and WikiLeaks – Online Speech is Only as Strong as the Weakest Intermediary and European carriers want content companies and smartphone makers to pay network usage fees and 10 Hilarious Reactions to WikiLeaks on Twitter and Judge Napolitano Nails it. WikiLeaks is NOT the Problem. and 4Chan Takes Down Mastercard Site In Support Of WikiLeaks and US declares Wikileaks off-limits to government researchers and The C Word: Julian Assange Isn’t Doing Anything Worse Than What Our Government Is Doing and Twelve Theses on Wikileaks (with Patrice Riemens) and The Espionage Act And WikiLeaks. and Ellsberg: “EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time.” and PayPal kicked #wikileaks out, but Flattr did not and WikiLeaks Is Winning the Info War So Far and Is the Cloud Too Weak to Support What Paper Can? and How Wikileaks has woken up journalism. and Anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda – from TNR, Lauer, Feinstein and more and Why Wikileaks polarizes America’s Internet politics

What are the components of an “accountability system” and how do our current institutions implement them? and Aside from the lack of necessary components, what impedes an accountability system from functioning?

Blue whales can eat half a million calories in a single mouthful

Why ‘no dumping’ is a good motto for writing on social networks

Hard Times for Outer Space?

Learning to Like Lichen

G.I. Joe vs. Dinosaurs

More hygiene hypothesis: Does cleanliness = depression?

All the World Loves a Penguin

Sedentary Physiology Part 3 – The Importance of Interruptions in Sedentary Time and Sedentary Physiology Part 4 – How Does Sitting Increase Health Risk?

The Missing Delegate at Cancún: Indigenous Peoples

Jesus’ Great Grandmother Identified

From the Broad Street Pump to Flying Toilets: Cities’ Need for Sanitation and It is Elegant, but is It Feasible?

Four Stone Hearth #107

Another Ancient Dildo

Mercurial love: mercury pollution turns white ibises “gay.” Or maybe just confused.

Bold and Italicize Your Way to a Better Memory

Should Open Access Journals Charge Submission Fees?

On ladybird ejaculation and pushing the frontiers of science

Creative Commons Licenses come to Nature Network

Making blind mice see

Are So-Called Millennials Really Ineducable? and Twitter as a Trust Community and President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts – Congrats Cathy Davidson!!

Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions

@chanthorp is the real thing

Where do you point to for explanation of why data is most appropriately released under CC0 instead of CC-BY? and Remembering Babel: Open Data Sharing & Integration and CC0 use for data

Baby belugas are right-brained, just like me!

200 families on brink of homelessness being treated like ‘rats in lab experiment’

Do Free Radicals Really Cause Aging? and A Mitochondrial Superoxide Signal Triggers Increased Longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans

The Desperate Battle Against Killer Bat Plague

Why the Net Matters: How the Internet Will Save Civilization

Nicholas Christakis on the networked nature of Twitter

Oxford study: What’s the future of foreign reporting?

Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research (PDF)

How clownfish help their anemones: nutrient transfer in a triple symbiosis

Is equine scientific research a useful information source for horse trainers?

Corrections: Basic Journalistic Hygiene

Why Future of Industry Isn’t About Making Ads

Zoo Illogical: Ugly Animals Need Protection from Extinction, Too

Fear and Loathing in Phoenix – My 48 Hour Binge Experience at NewsFoo

Extant Theropod Appreciation #5: The Cassowary

Women scientists must speak out

Evolving the Scientific Method

Science Bloggers: Diversifying the news

Carnivore crossing: How predator species dominated mammal diversity on the Kuril Islands

Republican Congressmen Crowdsource Attack on Science

Participatory Epidemiology: Use of Mobile Phones for Community-Based Health Reporting

The dirty truth about “green” products

Humans are more at risk from diseases as biodiversity disappears

Frogs debug themselves by absorbing tracking devices into their bladders

Melanopsin Ganglion Cells: A Different Way of Seeing Things and Melanopsin Contributions to Irradiance Coding in the Thalamo-Cortical Visual System

Troubleshooter: A unique gift for the troops

A Growing Field

New Media Expert Clay Shirky to Become Professor at NYU’s Carter Journalism Institute, Tisch School of the Arts

Sue Ann Bowling – Homecoming, a scientist writing a science-strong SF novel

Research Blogging seeks two new content editors

Discovery! HMNS Paleo Field Team Unearths Extremely Rare Dimetrodon

Rex in the City – T. rex wreaking havoc in downtown Raleigh, NC!

Archimedes Coins “Eureka!” in the Nude–and Other Crazy Ah-Ha Moments of Science

Who graduates, who votes and who’s unemployed — in one graph

Research links season of birth and personality

Cirque du Soleil is looking for a Social Media Manager (could be the best job in the world or worst)


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