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In NYC, a busy couple of days. But I collected some links during the train-ride here:

The Agency That Cried “Awesome!” and Arsenic and Primordial Ooze: A History Lesson and Poisoned Debate Encircles a Microbe Study’s Result and How to harness distributed discussion of research papers and Molecular evolution of an arsenate detoxification pathway by DNA shuffling and If a Microbe Can Do It…: Finding Happiness Even Amid Toxicity (this one is total crap, but what do you expect from HuffPo) and Science Weekly: The great arsenic bacteria backlash and Good Science or good publicity? and Arsenic And Peer Review and Communication – it’s not just for cells and MEDIA ADVISORY: M10-167 and Ambitions of an Early Career Scientist? and Scientific knowledge – getting closer to the right answer

Perspectives on Psychological Science: Blogs Don’t Exist

To be or not to be a pseudonymous blogger

What will 2011 bring for journalism? Clay Shirky predicts widespread disruptions for syndication

Web Focus Helps Revitalize The Atlantic

The truth we’ll doubt: Does the “decline effect” mean that all science is “truthy”? and The Decline Effect

Seven Thoughts on Wikileaks and Assange Is a Jerk. So What?: Why it takes flawed characters like WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to make governments behave better. And The state, the press and a hyperdemocracy and WikiLeaks Taps Power of the Press and The Conservative Case for WikiLeaks and A Web Trust to publish and store our creative work and Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States and PdF Presents: A Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom and Walking the line between terrorism and heroism: a WikiLeaks discussion

The Desperate Battle Against Killer Bat Plague and Bat Genocide

Readers With Plenty to Say

Court ruling calls key portion of health care law into question

Science in strange places

Power Plants: Engineers Mimic Photosynthesis to Harvest Light Energy

Tired bees make poor dancers

The great paywall debate: Will The New York Times’ new model work?

Delayed Gratification: new magazine launches dedicated to ‘slow journalism’

Chronic Lyme and the dangers of writing about medical manufactroversies

Demand growing for open access science texts and tools

Macmillan do interesting stuff

Journalists are invited to apply for a new evolution fellowship program

My open access conversion – “…papers written for open access journals: They are so very readable!” I predicted this years ago (I can search and find the old blog post if asked nicely in the comments).

Junk Spunk: Fathers & Fetal Health

Does snacking from a large bowl result in overeating?

Old and Wise: Why Do Smarter People Live Longer? Bees help to explain the link between intelligence and long life.

What Is Anthropology? The AAA Statement and Anthropology after the “Science” Controversy: We’re Moving Ahead and Anthropology, Science, and Relativism

Internet Now as Popular as TV, Survey Shows and Major milestone: The Internet is now as popular as TV in the US

The Social Media Amber Alert: A Personal Story

Matt Stoller: End This Fed

Jack Interviews Andrea Novicki of the Duke Center for Instructional Technology

Should we all contribute DNA for research?

Love of untamed predators unites pair at a refuge

Remember the Bells: A Kossack Tribute to Elizabeth Edwards

Sci-fi fantasy morphs into fact

She fills a gap for teens who like science

“In the Guise of a Friend” II

Pimp my ‘pod 2: haids

Walk places, meet people, and build social capital

Submission Fees for Open Access Journals?

CC#5: Blood! Call for Submissions

Scorpions glow in the dark to detect moonlight

More on the conservatism of leading science journals

The Media and (Un)Constructive Reporting – the David Lammy Saga

Guess the breeds, win a book and I wanna be your dog, Part II, or: Guess the breeds, win a book–the preamble


SciAm’s 2010 Gadget Guide: 10 Gizmos Taking Digital Learning and Entertainment to the Next Level [Slide Show]

A Dog’s World, According to Science

Drugs and Social Media Don’t Mix: Space limitations plus lagging guidelines make drug ads on the web difficult

Science is not the oppressor.

Global climate talks agree modest package, fund and Cancun Talks Yield Climate Compromise

Can A Device Really Help Us Pay Attention? and Feedbacker mockup (PDF)

Jay Rosen and the Watchdog Web

Does the Slut Gene Exist?

Blogging Science

My mouse has two daddies

More Journalistic Malpractice In Service Of The Powerful

If Horses Could Speak and Hyperflexion in Dressage Training: What it Does to Horse Anatomy

The Science of Charity

There’s an App for that! Free Biology Mobile Applications

How Jet Lag Resets the Body Clock, or, the other way round: Jet Lag IS a resetting of many body clocks, each to a new time.

Buttock-Cupping: A New Form Of Alternative Medicine?

Citations are links, so where is the problem?

Teens Sleeping with Cell Phones: A Clear and Present Danger

It’s just a stage. A phylotypic stage. Part I. and It’s just a stage. A phylotypic stage. Part II: The flies


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