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Back from NYC, busy catching up. Update later. Links for now:

Where can we find arsenic in a DNA structure? and Not Exactly Rocket Science etc -The Great Monolakian Arsenic Issue and its quick rise to fame and flame and The Arsenic Chronicles and In Search of Life: SETI has come a long way over the years, but is the search really important? and Just to be clear: Ed Yong does read the primary literature and Calling Dr. Kane and A new kind of life? and Response required and More on Arsenic Bugs – Nature responds to the blogosphere and The arsenic post I never wrote and What Alien Bacteria Can Teach Us About Health PR and Response to Questions Concerning the Science Article, A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorous (PDF) and Real science – warts and all and Arsenic bacteria study authors respond to critics and Using the ‘arsenic bacteria’ story as a teaching moment for undergraduates

The Unknown Blogger Who Changed WikiLeaks Coverage and What It’s Like to Participate in Anonymous’ Actions and Attempts to prosecute WikiLeaks endanger press freedoms and Wikileaks and The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention and Using WikiLeaks to Shape History as it Happens and #Niemanleaks on Thursday: After WikiLeaks, a flood of new questions and New WikiLeaks documentary and Rebooting the News #76 and WikiLeaks: Where’s the Oil?

NESCent: Evolution blogging contest and travel award winners announced – two who will come to ScienceOnline2011.

HeSaidSheSaid even in the titles: Yes, But – William Zinsser on the self-canceling newspaper headline.

Have you voted for Danielle?

Animated Dracula Syphilis! STDs in 1973

Scientists are evil, emotionless, conniving bastards or superheroes, or something. Do we have movies to thank? and Scientist Heroes

Using Protozoa to Monitor Drinking Water Safety

Wildlife and the Changing Seasons

Now That We Have the Web, Do We Need Associated Press?

The Extended Mind: Old & New

Fees, subscriptions and the messy business of payments

Basic Versus Applied

Jane Goodall Institute provides resources for stove distribution in Tanzania

Savings Will Lure Americans To Electric Cars

A Self-Publishing Adventure Wraps Up

Richard Holbrooke’s torn aorta: A hidden weakness below the radar

Give us news to think about!

To Tell the Truth: Brain Scans Are Not Ready for the Courtroom

Paul Interviews Ryan Somma, Software Developer and Amateur Scientist Ninja and Samantha Interviews Andrew Farke, Paleontologist at the Raymond M. Alf Museum – ScienceOnline2011 at Extreme Biology

Bloggers and legacy media deserve fair credit for stories

Be Honest. Does this Study Make My Butt Look Big?

Pneumatic Fantastic: The Enduring Allure of Tube Transportation

The Conspiracy Theory Detector

Click-Throughs, Advertising, and Branding Versus Point-of-Sale

Scientists Gain Insights into How to Erase Pathological Fear

Journal Register Company’s Open Newsroom Launches New Era In Community Journalism

Child nutrition law will require use of scientific dietary guidelines in serving up school lunches

Blogging about Tweets and the Realm of Influencers

Big Meat vs. Michael Pollan

Red wolf book excerpt: Two traps and a turd

Community Host: An Emerging Newsroom ‘Beat’ Without a Guide

… but red-cyan anaglyphs are cooler – how to present fossil bones in 3D in scientific papers

Neuro Nonsense – review of ‘Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society and Neurosexism Create Difference’

New compound disrupts clock and High-Throughput Chemical Screen Identifies a Novel Potent Modulator of Cellular Circadian Rhythms and Reveals CKIα as a Clock Regulatory Kinase

Better curation on Twitter, pushback against anonymity, and more new startups: Predictions for 2011

The full spectrum – relationship between autism and schizophrenia

Simple Science: Minimalist examples of scientific concepts

The Future Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

We really do believe we’ve got more free will than the other guy.

The Sportswriter as Fan: Me and My Blog

Five years of Terra Sigillata and Five years of blogging

TIME person of the year: Mark Zuckerberg and Who Will Be TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year?

There’s plenty of time for evolution

Sea snail turns its entire shell into a glowing lamp

Stem-cell transplant wipes out HIV

FOXLEAKS: Fox boss ordered staff to cast doubt on climate science and Fox News on climate: skip the science, report the “controversy”

Living out loud – counter-point to pseudonymous blogging

The most important person in the world

VIDEO: Burrowing owls jamming out in Florida

Don’t Come to Stockholm! Madame Curie’s Nobel Scandal

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

Twitter users may be diverse, but are they talking to each other?

Canadian leads revamp of periodic table

Dave Winer: There’s no good place for a new Maginot Line for the news

Language and Thought at the Economist

Tommy Lee Started With Cow Vagina–But He Raises Serious Questions

Blacks doubt death in small Southern town is a suicide–they want answers now

A New Troodontid Theropod Dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Utah

What’s Hot in Climate Science Today? Communicating

The Interdisciplinary Hype – Can physicists help out with biology?

Dogs’ Expectation about Signalers’ Body Size by Virtue of Their Growls

Interview with Ryan at Extreme Biology!

Speaking for the Data – Elsa Youngsteadt reviews two books on science communication

Invisibility Rug Hides ‘Large’ Objects

Introducing Sourcerer: A Context Management System

Sickles, blood disease and the Greek god Priapus

Kangaroos and geologists: The first geological exploration of Australia

What Bugged the Dinosaurs?

The Heart of Collaboration: How Science and Engineering go Hand in Hand

Lightning x-rays imaged for the first time

The Reins of Self-Control: Changing your expectations could change your willpower

The H Card

The Art of the Insect

It’s Okay To Be Smart

Google’s Login Is More Popular Than Facebook Connect

Climate Change

Scientist shows link between diet and onset of mental illness

Want to have some fun? Do some peer reviewing for a scientific journal!

Speaking of dogs…Social mammals have bigger brains than solitary mammals

Students produce reports on alternative energy for N.C. Public Television

Quitting Smoking Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

In 25 Years – a collaborative timecapsule to the future, record a video to yourself in 25 years

ScienceOnline2011: Author of the Day: Misha Angrist and Author of the Day: Dennis Meredith and Author of the Day: Deborah Blum

Mistletoe and other species face extinction as U.K. apple orchards disappear

Help Build an Awesome Tool: Submit Your Napkin Sketch For a Feedbacker Module!

What Are You Saying?

Distortions in genetic research news – the rocky road from science journal to the news

Jeff & Juliet: A new kind of friendship.

For Open Access Journals, Size Does Matter

Greetings from the Cave of Open Lab™! and OpenLab10 – best of the blogs for 2010

Grolar Bears and Narlugas: Rise of the Arctic Hybrids

Home Labs Rise With Smarter and Cheaper Devices and Welcome New York Times Readers!

For NPR stations, a sigh of relief

Degrees of Tolerance – response to a crying child on the subway

What if medical and science reporting was more like legal reporting?

Waste-to-Energy: a mountain of trash, or a pile of energy? and Waste-to-Energy: a mountain of trash, or a pile of energy?

I just found oil in my core!

Why the Kids Don’t Blog and Grandma’s on Facebook

Drug-Resistant Genes Spread among Bacteria

The cultural genome: Google Books reveals traces of fame, censorship and changing languages

Let’s talk online collaboration at #Scio11. Give me opinions and feedback, please!

Stuxnet apparently as effective as a military strike

The Panic Virus book tour

I Hate Math! (Not After This, You Won’t)

Mobile Operators Want to Charge Based on Time and Apps and Imagine a world where every app has its own data plan

The Knowledge Gap – So you think you can do scientific research?

Citizen scientists join the exoplanet hunt

Long Range Plan, Short Range Controversy

Science of the Obvious: Beauty Sleep Is Real & Tired People Look Tired

Healing the Heart: An Author Spotlight on Georgina Ellison

Fifty Years of Animal Technology

What Diseases Get Researched?

Plant Scientists Are Not Necessarily Horticulturalists

Language doesn’t feature much at the top

When should an effect be called significant?

The evolution of dissent

Too many PhDs? That’s anybody’s guess.

The Polar Bear’s Last Stand

Cold Sea Puts Stunned Turtles in South Carolina Aquarium ‘Hospital’

Hey, Barbie—Show Me The Science!

At The ‘Trust:’ Bringing Bonobos Into The Abstract Reality Of Humans

Grand Rounds, December 14th 2010

What is Science? What is Hype?

Porcupines Expose Pitfalls of Wildlife Farming

Giants’ Shoulders #30: A (Scientific) Christmas Carol

Meet the woman without fear

FDA advised to turn away blood donors with chronic fatigue syndrome

Blogging Seems To Have Peaked, Says Pew Report

The War on Christmas as a graph

Book review – The Poisoner’s Handbook


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