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Gotta start with my first SciAm post again – The line between science and journalism is getting blurry….again – as there are now comments on it.

Exclusive Interview: Discoverer of Arsenic Bacteria, in the Eye of the Storm and #ArsenicLife #Fail: A teachable moment and Response to the critics

The medium is not the message—is it?

In praise of scientific error and My favorite experiment and the pace of basic science research

Fox News on climate: skip the science, report the “controversy”

The Three Temptations Of Meta

Data-mining Google Books: Does the Reader Have To Be Human?

Monday Series: “In the Guise of a Friend” III

Space laser spies for woodpeckers

Health 2.0: Is It A Threat To The Medical Profession?

Author of the Day: Tom Levenson

Learning to navigate the chemical web

Tuesday skies will put on a double feature

Studying DNA on the family tree

Take a jaunt into fun science

A Real Science of Mind

5 things you never knew about penguins!

Do You Need a Ph.D.?

Group IQ: What makes one team of people smarter than another? A new field of research finds surprising answers.

Selling a disability

Polanyi Was Right About Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand

Cracking the New York Times Popularity Code

Lal the chicken-eating cow

Harry Potter vs. The Lord of the Rings, Part III

ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, ‘not caused by the XMRV virus’, say researchers and XMRV = ERV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not caused by XMRV and XMRV – Innocent on All Counts?

Holdren Releases Scientific Integrity Guidelines

Why Julian Assange is a journalist

Network Democracy

Winners of the 2010 University Protein Folding Challenge, hosted by Foldit

Science journalism awards

Revenue Rising, and a New No. 2 Ad Medium: Internet

The changing of the gatekeeper: Adapting to the new roles for journalists, sources and information

Secrecy conference: In countries like Romania and Cambodia, illegal leaks can be transparency’s only hope

Maybe not much will change at all: 2011 journalism predictions from Malik, Gillmor, Golis, Grimm, more

In an age of free-flowing information, there’s still a role for journalists to provide context

Many High Schools Offering “Computer Science” Really Aren’t

Scott Karp: Clay Shirky’s right that syndication’s getting disrupted — but not in the ways he thinks it is

Mobile phone radiation linked to people jumping to conclusions

Ladies and gentlemen in Google Books ngrams. And paper rocks, rock cuts through the middle, scissors hit rock bottom.

Open access options on 15 more Nature Publishing Group journals

Is it incautious to criticize Noam Chomsky?

Has the online search displaced the friend as the preferred first information source?

Fur may fly over pet law proposal

Why Animals So Rarely Photosynthesize

Game Theory: Climate Talks Destined to Fail

The ‘artful dodge’: The danger of a smooth talker

Here Come Two New Pro-Vaccine Books


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