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Awesome scientific paper by 8-yr old kids, more on #arseniclife, more on Wikileaks, on science+art, the amazing case of bad journalists aggressively reacting to a piece of good journalism on Lyme Disease, and more:

Eight-year-old children publish bee study in Royal Society journal and Low-Grade Science: Primary School Students Conduct and Publish a Study on Bees and 8-Year-Olds Publish Scientific Bee Study and Young People Can’t {Can!} Do Real Science and Blackawton bees (paper, and video) and Blackawton bees: commentary on Blackawton, P. S. et al. and Science lessons from 8 year old children and Schoolchildren announce bumble-bee breakthrough in top science journal and ‘Biology Letters’ Science Journal Publishes Study By 8-Year-Old Children On Bumblebee Color And Pattern Vision

How Neutral Should Journalists Be? and The Chicago Tribune, “chronic Lyme disease,” and demands for false balance and Chicago Tribune off balance on chronic Lyme disease and The medium is not the message—is it?

Post Arsenic-bacteria post and Parallel Universes? Arsenic and Phosphate – The Blogosphere, the Traditional Media, and the Scientific Literature

The Blast Shack and Statism and Wikileaks and Prospect of WikiLeaks Dump Poses Problems for Regulators and Wikileaks’ Leaks Leaked: Norwegian Paper Has All the Cables and None of the Restrictions and Some Lessons From Our Reactions to Wikileaks and #NiemanLeaks big takeaway? Even post-WikiLeaks, context still key and CIA launches task force (WTF) to assess impact of U.S. cables’ exposure by WikiLeaks and WTF? OMG, LOL! CIA gives WikiLeaks taskforce naughty name and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to become member of Australian journalists’ union and The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy: The Case of WikiLeaks and Wikileaks Exposes Internet’s Dissent Tax, not Nerd Supremacy

Scientific accuracy in art and Scientific American Guest Blog and Painting With Penicillin: Alexander Fleming’s Germ Art and Elephant Live Blogging Event and Exposed! Sensual Science

Life Under the Bubble

It’s just a stage. A phylotypic stage. Part III: Fish and more

Scientists as rock stars? and “Rock star of science” hurts science

Author of the Day: Tom Linden and Author of the Day: Maryn McKenna

Scientists capture microglia’s role in brain connectivity

Jay Rosen on Hannah Arendt as Deep Background

When boffins go POP: Eduard Kaeser expects that the bubble of spectacular science may burst

Participatory medicine as a new way to produce medical knowledge

Climate change as a ‘grand narrative’

Science journalism and social debate on modernization risks

Science journalism in the age of crowd: interviews

From dissemination to response: in search of new strategies for broadcast media in terms of cyclone warnings for Bangladesh

Let’s follow the actors! Does Actor-Network Theory have anything to contribute to science journalism?

Fractal art

Science journalism to face a demand for renewal

Why Do We Yawn??

Leaves don’t lie – it’s winter

Can the New Scientific Integrity Guidelines Rescue Science from Threats Within the Obama Administration?

The Evolution Polling Numbers Have *Nudged* A Little

An Amazing, Though Clearly Little-Known, Scientific Fact: We Get More Snow Storms in Warm Years

Who needs structure, anyway? A tiny, mucus-covered animal shatters assumptions about genome architecture

Don’t make mine a pina colada! Images of cocktails under the microscope that’ll give you a headache BEFORE you drink them

Creativity Can Lessen Leader Image

Moving! and Openness

Forget Journalism School and Enroll in Groupon Academy

Go On, Get Angry

Don’t Walk? Fuhgettaboutit!

Dork Ecstasy: Superheroes and the Law

Love thy lab neighbour

Putting Some Numbers on Peer Review

Environmental Economics

Poaching, habitat loss taking toll on Bornean clouded leopard

Beyond the Light Switch: What to do about coal ash?

FCC Ends Net Neutrality Debate (for Now) by Passing Its Open Internet Order

Genomic DNA Sequences from Mastodon and Woolly Mammoth Reveal Deep Speciation of Forest and Savanna Elephants and African elephants are two distinct species and Elephant News: Africa has two distinct species, Mammoth’s nursing and extinction linked, and rare footage from Cambodia

The Human Factor

Monitoring America

Favourite posts: Writing Sex Scenes and 3am Epiphany: of sex and food

Differential Contribution of Rod and Cone Circadian Clocks in Driving Retinal Melatonin Rhythms in Xenopus

House Passes Overhaul of Food Laws

Marriott International – Global hotel chain embraces sustainable seafood

Using the Brain Systems, Connections, Associations, and Network Relationships (brainSCANr) engine, you can explore the relationships between neuroscience terms in peer reviewed publications. and brainSCANr search for ‘suprachiasmatic’

Why people blog about illness

When is the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts? [Infographic] and When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?

The Illusion of Net Neutrality

What if we threw a data-curation party and nobody came?

Ministers and Federal Subsidies

Nasty, brutish and not that short: Medieval warfare was just as terrifying as you might imagine

NYT Mansplains Mansplaining

Urban Right To Farm Laws

“And now math is something you get.”

Do you use Boy Words or Girl Words? Or the other words, but I can’t ‘amember them.

God’s little rabbits: Religious people out-reproduce secular ones by a landslide

DNA, Denial, and the Rise of “Environmental Determinism” (and video)

Science writing and readability

Brain Cuttings: An Excerpt at Scientific American and Can You Live Forever? Maybe Not–But You Can Have Fun Trying

Pimp My Virus: Ocean Edition and The Brave New World of Giant Viruses

At the Corner of Hope and Hype

Animal Instincts: Are creatures better than us at computation?

Astronomy bottlenecks…

Opinion: What would Linnaeus do?

Anti-Smoking Drug Linked to Violence, but Pfizer’s Data Says the Opposite

New Dinosaur Species Named for Johns Hopkins Postdoc (and her twin sister)

Siberian Fossils Were Neanderthals’ Eastern Cousins, DNA Reveals

Origins and Endings: Scientific American iPad app

Just Say No to Christmas Displays? – presence of Christmas Displays reduces psychological well-being in non-celebrators and non-Christians.

It’s not your imagination, there are more journalism jobs

Victory for sharks: U.S. bans shark finning

Science of TRON: Getting Up to Speed with Teleportation and Quantum Computing

Solar System for iPad

Meet the Ethical Placebo: A Story that Heals and Evidence that placebos could work even if you tell people they’re taking placebos

From Fossils To New Tech: NCSU Research Highlights From 2010

A Novel Neural Substrate for the Transformation of Olfactory Inputs into Motor Output

River otter latrines: so much more than just a pile of poop!

2010′s Best Long Reads: Science & Technology

Nuclear Power – Getting more from our fleet (without new construction)

Early Reports From the ‘Dark Matter’ of the Genome

Opinion: Success! The astonishing secret to getting jobs, grants, papers, and happiness in biomedical research

Circadian Genes and Metabolic Pathologies

Bad Metaphors Make for Bad Theories

Right-wingers want to erase how George Bush’s “Homeowner Society” helped cause the economic collapse

Discussione infinita su scienziati e giornalisti and Science-journalism split gets lost in old-new media stereotypes and Science Links + Notes

Disaster Doctors May Be Using the Wrong Drugs

Vintage War Dept. photos, or Frankenstein’s lab?


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