New issue of the Journal of Science Communication

New, Issue 01, march 2011 issue of the Journal of Science Communication is now out. See the Table of Contents – it is Open Access so you can read them all:

The new book
by Daniele Gouthier

The Internet and digital media are changing science books. They change the way readers approach books and change the way books present their contents. …

Theatre to motivate the study of physics
by Marina Carpineti, Michela Cavinato, Marco Giliberti, Nicola Ludwig, Laura Perini

A survey we carried out in upper secondary schools showed that the majority of the students consider physics as an important resource, yet as essentially …

In search of a new public for scientific exhibitions or festivals: the lead of casual visitors
by Fabienne Crettaz von Roten

This article examines the public at a science exhibition or festival and tries to determine whether casual visitors are a means of expanding the audience. …

The use of scientific knowledge in the decision making process of environmental public policies in Brazil
by Maria José Carneiro, Teresa da-Silva-Rosa

The way policy makers mobilize scientific knowledge in order to formulate environmental policies is important for understanding the developmental process of …

Nearly five centuries of science books
by Daniele Gouthier
In four steps – from Renaissance to the dawn of the 20th century – this issue explores some aspects of the history of book sciences, as research and …

Adrian Johns
Science books and networks in the Renaissance. An interview with Adrian Johns

Bruce V. Lewenstein
Scientific books in American culture. An interview with Bruce V. Lewenstein

Paola Govoni
Popularizing science in Italy: a historical perspective. An interview with Paola Govoni

Francesco Paolo de Ceglia
Farmers for the kingdom of Heaven. Agrarian catechisms in southern Italy in the late enlightenment and the limitations of technical publications


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