Lots of new posts on the SciAm blogs today!

Fun! Two posts on the Guest Blog and two on the Expeditions blog – something for everyone:

The South Pacific Islands Survey–5 Things You Didn’t Know about Life on a Boat by Lindsey Hoshaw.

Levees and the illusion of Flood Control [Explainer] by Anne Jefferson.

Problems without Passports: Scientific Research Diving at U.S.C. Dornsife–Why Guam? by Jim Haw.

Too Hard for Science? An Early Warning System for Killer Asteroids by Charles Q. Choi.

Read, enjoy the weekend, post comments, share on social networks…..

Addendum – more posts later in the day:

On the Guest Blog – Curing Paralysis–Again by R. Douglas Fields.

On Bering in Mind – Sex, Sleep and the Law: When Nocturnal Genitals Pose a Moral Dilemma by Jesse Bering.

And on Anecdotes from the Archive – In 1892 Live Music Was Just a Phone Call Away by Mary Karmelek.


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