Beyond 42

I will spend a week in Edmonton in early March, giving several talks at the University, visiting classes and labs, and having fun with my various hosts, including my brother and sister-in-law, Marie-Claire Shanahan, Desiree Schell and Joel Dacks.

The very last event, ‘Beyond 42: How science can use stories to explain life, the universe and everything’ (title coined by Desiree, not meant to refer to my age, or to NYC’s famous old Studio 42), will be outside of campus, in town, at The Artery, where several local science storytellers, Robin Woywitka (with his band Super 92) and I will be telling science stories and generally having great fun.

You can learn more about the event on Marie-Claire’s blog, on Facebook and on the latest Skeptically Speaking podcast.

So, if you will be in Edmonton that week, come by and say Hello (if you are at the University, ask Marie-Claire for the schedule of campus events you may be interested in attending).


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