Today at The Browser

I am today’s guest editor at The Browser. The Browser curates and aggregates the best reads from around the Web, in several categories. It is a great honor to be asked to serve as a day editor there.

The only difficulty is the limit – I had to choose six articles or blog posts from the past month. Only six!?!

I am used to compiling many more links – per day, let alone month!

I collect all the #SciAmBlogs posts every work-day evening. I collect the best of the Web weekly. Khalil and I take turns collecting all the young science writers’ work every Friday. Not to mention all the links I tweet that never make it into any of those linkfests!

How to reduce an entire month to only six? Yikes – that was hard. So many excellent posts and articles had to be, one by one, eliminated from my list. And my list started out huge. But in the end, late last night, I had my six and I sent them in.

Which six?

You’ll have to see for yourself!


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