ScienceRewired #srw12, #Back2Blog, #sciwri12 and other recent and future events

Back on October 10th, I skyped in a keynote address to the inaugural event of the ScienceRewired group in Adelaide, Australia. Here is a fast liveblog of my talk, and here is the video of the talk in full:

Kylie Sturgess has blogged and storified the entire event here.


On October 13th, I participated in the first Back To Blog event at Duke. Organized by Cara Rousseau and Anton Zuiker, it was a wonderfully invigorating little unconference about the current state of blogging. And while Dave Thomas, Anton Zuiker, Paul Jones and I at one point or another stood up and talked a little, the entire event was a conversation with a very engaged audience. From veteran bloggers (I felt like a n00b in the presence of Anton, Paul, Henry Copeland and others who have been doing this several years longer than I did) to complete novices hoping to start blogging, and everything in-between, this was a very energizing and exciting event. Fenella Saunders, Dave Thomas and Anton Zuiker then blogged about it all.


You already know I spent last week at the meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. What is next?

Science Writers (NASW/CASW) meeting is on October 26-30, here in Raleigh, NC. One of the highlights of the year, this will be my third ScienceWriters (I went to New Haven in 2010 and Flagstaff in 2011) and this time I will get to play a host. I am one of the co-organizers of the panel – Follow 1500 People on Twitter? Learn to Manage the Information Deluge – for which we set up a wiki where you can add your own tips and resources, and please use both the official #sciwri12 hashtag and the session-specific tag #sciwri12deluge.

And then, on November 9th, we will have the seventh #TriSciTweetup at the Mystery Brewing Company in Hillsborough, NC. Join us if you can.


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