Upcoming events and travel…

My Mom reads my blog, so this is for her, so she knows my plans. Hi, Mom! 😉

A tentative schedule – things can always change….

This is ongoing – March 22-24th – “Reporting Across the Culture Wars: Engaging Media on Evolution“, NESCent, Durham, NC (Facebook page, follow hashtag #evocomm on Twitter)

On March 25th I will have shoulder surgery and will be off (and offline) through March 31st.

April 13th – ScienceOnlineTEEN in NYC. I’ll probably stay in New York a few more days, so we can perhaps have a #NYCSciTweetup at the time.

April 16-19 – TEDMED 2013, in Washington DC.

I will be in New York City again on April 28 – May 2nd, after which I will fly up to Canada, to give a talk at the 10th Annual OCIB Symposium, Carleton University, Ottawa (May 2-4th) and at York University, Toronto (May 4th-6th, location/time TBA).

June 21-23 – SciFoo (Science Foo Camp) at Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

June 24-29th – The World Conference of Science Journalists (follow #WCSJ2013 on Twitter), in Helsinki, Finland. I will be a panelist on one of the plenary panels, and also organizer of the famous #sci4hels panel

July 26-27th – I will do a blogging workshop at the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship annual conference in Washington DC.

September 23-24 – “Evolving Culture of Science Engagement” at MIT, Cambridge, MA.

October 11-13th – ScienceOnlineOCEANS, in Miami, FL

November 1-5th – ScienceWriters2013, in Gainsville, FL.

If you are at any of these events, please approach me, say Hello.



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