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Important updates on ScienceOnline and OpenLab

Hello, lots of news today.


ScienceOnline now has a new homepage and URL at http://scienceonline.com – check it out.

Registration for ScienceOnline2013 opens on Monday morning at 9am EDT (followed by two more windows of opportunity later in the week). Get more information here.

The Program is now public – see it here.


The Best Science Writing Online 2012, the sixth annual anthology in the series, will be released this Tuesday, September 18th.

On that day, we will have an Online Chat – please join us on Tuesday at 12 noon EDT.

On the same day, for those of you who can make it to New York City on Tuesday evening, we will have an informal launch with a sale, reading (a few authors will be present) and signing, as a part of the #NYCSciTweetup. Join us if you can and bring your friends.

It is here!

What’s in the box?

Let’s open it, shall we?

It is here! The Open Lab 2012!

Official publication date is September 18th. There will be a lot of interesting promotional events, online and offline, before, on and after that day.You can pre-order right now!

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Upcoming events

Tomorrow is the fifth #TriSciTweetup, this time with a little more structure to it than usual. We’ll meet at NC Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh NC, for the inaugural Lightning Talks with Brian Malow on Thursdays at the Daily Planet Cafe. We’ll start at 6pm. At about 7pm several people (including myself) will get up and say something interesting and scientific for 5 minutes each, perhaps answer a question or two from Brian, or from the audience, then continue having fun until the Cafe closes later in the evening.

Open Laboratory 2012 is getting published on September 18th. There may be a live event in NYC on that day, in which case I will travel to the City and perhaps we can have a #NYCscitweetup associated with the event. More information TBA.

On October 15-20, I’ll be at the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting in Raleigh NC. Kate Wong and I will report to you from there.

Science Writers (NASW/CASW) meeting is on October 26-30, also in Raleigh, NC. Registration just opened today. I’ll be there, as a co-organizer of one of the panels. This is a great opportunity to network with the best of the best science communicators, get the most current “state of the field” updates from top scientists, and to learn and network. Join us if you can.

Registration for ScienceOnline 2013 will open in about a month. More information what to expect – here.

Open Laboratory…getting closer!

Yesterday, in the NYC offices of Scientific American, I was given a sweet present – three copies of the galleys of the new edition of the “Open Laboratory”, aka, ‘The Best Science Writing Online 2012’:

Looks great, inside and outside!

Also yesterday, we discovered that the book is now listed on Amazon.com so you can start pre-ordering it. Just click right over here!