DonorsChoose Update

My readers have, so far, raised $557.52 and fully funded two of the 25 challenges [update: five of 25]! Way to go! Thank you. There is still plenty of time until July 1st to fund some more science teachers and their underprivileged students. Janet has an update on the entire ScienceBlogs challenge.
Apparently, readers of Pharyngula have already met and exceededthe goal after just two days!
Greta and Dave are matching your donations to their causes.
David and Benjamin will publish your haiku!
Ten copies of SAMS Teach Yourself Blogging in a Snap have been added to the prizes pool, so when you donate, do not forget to put your name in the hat by forwarding your DonorsChoose confirmation e-mail to: sbDOTdonorschooseDOTbonanzaATgmailDOTcom .

2 responses to “DonorsChoose Update

  1. The Blogging in a Snap books were already part of the prize pool — I just thought I’d be paying for them (albeit at the reduced “author’s copy” price). The news was that the editor with the power to give them to us for free did so because he felt ours was a worthy cause.

  2. Hope you don’t mind a little linky-love, I used this in the THT – it fit, and well.