Sexsomnia Revisited

The article I linked to in my previous post on the topic of having sex while asleep (or is it ‘being sleep while having sex’?), e.g., the one I got pointed to by someone (e-mail?), is actually, quite terrible. So, instead, if you are interested in the topic, you should check out a much more serious website –, which focuses entirely on the phenomenon of sexsomnia.
I need to thank Karmen for pointing out that site to me. The site has extensive links to other sources of information, including links to all of Dr. Shapiro’s papers on the topic. For instance, this paper (pdf) appears much more trustworthy than the little online survey mentioned in the article I linked a few days ago.
On a less scientific, but perhaps more exciting note, you should check out the story of a woman whose boyfriend left her because of sexsomnia (masturbating in her sleep). And, since the original article mentioned potential legal consequences of sexsomnia (e.g., having sex with a minor), there was a case in Canada last year in which they found a man innocent of rape because he suffered from sexsomnia (the weird part is, he woke up with a condom on!)

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