SEED scienceblogs getting more popular

Technorati treats each of SEED blogs as anindividual entity but also the whole site as a single blog. Over the past week or so, the SB gradually moved up from #51 to #32 on the Top 100 Most Popular Blogs list. More you link to each one of us, or the site as a whole, higher up we’ll get. Do you think we can overtake at least Michelle Malkin? At least we write empirically correct blogposts….

6 responses to “SEED scienceblogs getting more popular

  1. I don’t care how well we do as long as we beat “Cute Overload” which is at present ranked 31st.

  2. Oh, at least that!

  3. At least we write empirically correct blogposts….
    And there are lots of other problems with it too. 😉

  4. Hey, I like Cute Overload!
    As for “empirically correct” blogposts, uh, even I wouldn’t claim that we SB’ers always do that. There have been a few times (one this just week) that I’ve been seriously tempted to administer a fisking to a fellow SB’er. No, I didn’t restrain myself out of some misguided sense of fraternity, but simply because it wasn’t interesting enough to motivate me to do it.
    I did sort of do a fisking when I fisked a representation of Linus Pauling as unfairly vilified for his promotion of vitamin C as a cure for cancer and all sorts of other diseases, but it was Lee Billing on Stochastic (now Page 3.14), and so I’m not sure if that counts as “fisking a fellow SB’er” or not, given that he works for SEED. 😉

  5. I can take some ofthe credit for that. I no longer have individual science bloggers bookmarked on my machines. I have the Science Blogs front page marked and go to it a couple times a day to scroll through the recent posts. I’m also reading more science bloggers now.

  6. From what I understand the way the system works, it does not matter if you link to the SB homepage, the Last-24-Hours page or to any of the individual blogs or even posts – Technorati kicks in both for the individual blog and for the site as a whole. Just you wait until every single SB blog gets registered with Technorati – we’ll challenge BoingBoing!